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One of the first decisions you make each day is what to wear. How easy is this for you?

Did you know that we only have the ability to make a certain amount of decisions each day and when you’ve used them all up, any decision you have to make – whether big or small, can feel like an impossible task. I know that by early evening most days I have decision fatigue. When this occurs, I can end up either making poor decisions, or becoming irritable in being asked to make them. And that doesn’t feel too good.

If this is the case for you too, I’m here to help you make that first daily decision of what-to-wear as easy as possible, saving space for a later decision to be made well, such as what to cook for dinner.

How do you decide on your daily outfit? Do you consider:

  • Where you are going?
  • Who you’ll be seeing?
  • Your mood?
  • The weather?

Whatever your decision is based on, the real issue is how easy you find it to make that decision.

Are you a quick decision person – i.e. you select your outfit, put it on and don’t give it another thought? Or do you spend time (often too much time), trying on most of the contents of your wardrobe and discarding each option as not quite right? Before then you settling on either an old favourite outfit, or something that’ll ‘do’.

Whichever one you are, here are my tips for not only making this decision easier but also to increase your chances of making a good one every time you open your wardrobe!

Step 1- reduce your options

In order to choose a great outfit, you need to be able to actually see what your options are. If your wardrobe is over-filled with all sorts of items that aren’t viable options, they’ll be taking up valuable space but also adding to the outfit option confusion.

Reducing the amount of clothing you own is the first step to easy dressing. When you can see what you have, you are choosing from fewer options and are more likely to select well.

STEP 2 – find your outfit formulas

An outfit formula is like a recipe – a way of dressing that works for you every time. Your proportions will determine your best formulas, whether a fitted top and looser trousers/skirt or a looser fit top and straighter legger trousers or straighter cut skirt.

Spend some time working out your favourite silhouette and create some new combinations using what you find in your wardrobe. Always take a quick photo when you find a combination you like, so that you remember when you are making that first decision on a morning.

STEP 3 – Let me help you!

Register your free place on The Wardrobe Reboot Experience. We start on Monday 30th January and over 5 days, I’ll help you to transform your wardrobe into a more welcoming and exciting place to select your daily outfits from and also reignite your interest in great style.

This is a great time of year to get organised, have a good clear-out and have your outfits ready for anything. And it’ll make decision-making so much easier for you for the months ahead. So, come and join me for a fun-filled week of wardrobe transformation – just click the button below to register your FREE place now: 

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