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How to find your perfect jeans


Despite being one of the most popular items of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe, finding the perfect pair for you is no mean feat.

If you are serious about finding your perfect jeans, I recommend you:

A. Dedicate some proper time to it (it’ll be worth it when you find them)
Try LOTS of different pairs to compare the fit
Buy them slightly too tight – they almost always give a little (or a lot) once you’ve had them on for an hour or two and you don’t want them to be too big. I need to tattoo this onto my head. When I bought my last pair of Mos Mosh Jeans the lady advised I went down a size but I didn’t listen – and I teach this stuff! They are now my comfy jeans for those bloated days (which I’m wearing today!).

Whether you like to wear jeans on a daily basis or just for going out (remember that?) you’ll find my jeans-buying tips useful. And don’t skip the end of the blog, where I’ve shared some places that tend to cater for different body shape needs.


The Denim

Most women like a pair of jeans with some stretch. This makes them more comfortable and usually means that they’ll hug you in the right places. Beware of cheap jeans with loads of stretch. They won’t last. It’s worth investing more to get a pair that’ll stay good for a few years. This doesn’t necessarily mean designer, there are plenty of great jeans at the mid and high end high street bracket.


the planet

Growing the cotton to make one pair of jeans takes around 11,000 litres of water. Buying second hand jeans or buying new from sustainable brands or those that use organic cotton is the planet friendly way to shop. For example, 100% of the cotton used in Marks & Spencer is now organic.


the fit

Below, I’ve outlined the best places to find jeans to fit your beautiful body – remember we are ALL made differently and that’s ok! But I always advise prioritising a great fit around your bum and your thighs because waistbands and leg lengths can be altered. When you think you’ve found the one, do some sitting, lunging and general movement to check they move with you!


the shape

Wider leg trousers and jeans are back in favour this year, as well as boot legs and flares. Skinnies and slim fit legs have been on trend for so long now that it might take a while for you to get your head around a new shape. The good news is that the good old boot cut is the most universally flattering shape out there. The kick out helps to balance out shapely thighs, juicy bums and curvy tums as well as bigger boobs and strong shoulders. Yay for the boot cut!

Straights and skinnies are still available if that’s your favourite so don’t worry if you aren’t ready to give up on your familiar silhouette quite yet.


The length

Cropped jeans have been popular for a while now – and are still a good option (and widely available) but full length jeans are back. In fact the fashionistas are wearing them really long, pooling on top of the foot.

If you know the heel height you’re likely to want to wear with your jeans, this’ll guide you to choose the right leg length. If you’ve decided to embrace flats and wear nothing else you’ve got it easy. Otherwise, choose a full length pair that work for your heels and then turn them up a few times for trainers and flats. This won’t work for wider legs but is very simple for straight cuts.


Where to find a pair of jeans that fits your beautiful body


Body type: Small waist & curvy hips

Look for: Darker wash, a curved waistband that sits higher at the back.

Where to find a great fit:

1. M&S Eva Bootcut
ME+ EM Adjustable waist slim barrel leg jeans


Body type: Bigger tummy, slim hips

Look for: Stretch, wider waist band, mid rise.

Where to find a great fit:

1. Gap True Skinny have just the right waist to hip ratio for an apple shape. They also have a petite fit option.
NYDJ jeans have a unique technology that does wonders for sleekness!
3. Baukjen


General Fit tips


In store

When the shops are open again, dedicate at least an hour to trying on as many pairs as you can. Use the shop assistants, who know where to locate the styles and size you need. One of the biggest reasons women give up on trying on jeans is that when you’ve taken three or more pairs into the fitting room, tried them on, decided they aren’t quite right and then have to get dressed and go back out there to wade through the piles to find another size, it all-just-feels-too-much. Most jeans have a waist and a leg measurement specified, which is helpful to find the best fit but also can make them harder to locate on a vast wall of jeans. Get a shop assistant on board and they’ll do the running for you. Or, book me for a personal shopping session – we can find your new favourite jeans and the clothes and shoes you’ll wear with them all in one enjoyable and fun session.



If you are shopping online, buy lots of pairs to try in one go. Use the Klarna option to pay if it’s offered to you– that way you only pay for what you keep and you don’t need to pay anything until you’ve made your selection.

For more jeans advice, take a look at this video from my archives – it’s still relevant and contains loads more tips on what to look out for when buying your new favourite pair of jeans.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Do let me know in the comments. I always love to hear from you.

Helen x

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