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How to find your own dress code

When it comes to dress codes, what’s your comfort zone? Do you prefer to be relaxed and casual or groomed and polished? Maybe it depends on where you are going and who you’ll be hanging out with?

I know that deciphering dress codes can be a real headache for some and when you realise you’d gone in a different direction to everyone else, it can be enough to send you into a spin.

When I was asked this question over in my Facebook group recently, I shared that the key to getting dress codes right is in fact knowing your own true style. That way, you dress in your dress code (which can still be tweaked to be smarter or more casual) so that you always look and feel your best.


So, how DO YOU DO that? read on to find out.

Without doubt, the best way to find your own dress code is to understand your style. When I work with clients we decide how much of each of the following styles they suit. Knowing this means you can dress up and dress down without ever feeling uncomfortable or that you’ve tried too hard.

Have a read of the style descriptions below and see which ones you feel like YOU in. You won’t be just one of these styles, you’ll suit a mix. But the key difference for all of us is how much of each we can take before we start to feel ‘wrong’ or ‘uncomfortable’ or like an imposter.

You may find that one of these styles is your best, feels easy and always works, and there’s likely to be one or more of these styles that is absolutely not right for you and should be avoided at all costs.


1) Classic:

A true classic likes to look neat and coordinated. They’d probably rather be over than under dressed. They prefer neutral colour palettes, elegant jewellery and fuss-free outfits.


2) Dramatic:

If you suit this style, you’ll enjoy experimenting with colour, textures, bold accessories and making a statement with your outfits.


3) Girly:

A girly style is soft and pretty. You’ll love pretty details in an outfit such as lace trims, bows and small frills. It might also be a romantic, ethereal or dainty style.


4) Natural:

You look your best in unstructured, casual outfits. You’ll only ever consider comfort but if this style truly suits you, you’ll look ‘cool’ rather than scruffy. It’s a fine line!


what’s right for you?

Consider these very different styles and see if you can use them to identify your own dress code.

If you are a mostly natural in your true style, you’ll need to dress in a more relaxed way regardless of the dress code, or you’ll feel restricted.

If you are a classic, you’ll want to be co-ordinated even at the most casual of events.

If you are a dramatic, you’ll want to stand out in some way with your outfits, whether smart or casual.

If you are more girly, you’ll need to look and feel feminine whether dressed up or down.

If you have no idea where you are with these styles, maybe it’s time to consider finding out? You can find all the different ways of working with me and a link to book a discovery call over on my website or by clicking here.



Which styles feel true to you? Let me know in the comments.


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