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Launching your business is an exciting time. You are finally putting your brilliance in front of your ideal clients and inviting them into your world.

Everyone knows that there are certain steps to launching if you are to do it well and one part of this is usually a photoshoot. And if this isn’t on your list – add it! Whether you are selling products or a service, you are the face of your brand and people like to know who they are doing business with.

Just like the advice given to brides to be – you need to look like YOU on your wedding day, not some overly made-up version of you that your partner doesn’t recognise. An up-levelled version of you is good, a more groomed version but not a totally-different style of dress or hair and make-up that makes you look like somebody else.



If your photo shoot comes with access to a hair and make-up person, make sure you’ve had a consultation in advance of the shoot. What you don’t want is a glam hair and make-up and clothes that look great on camera but are not really ‘you’. You need to look (and even more importantly, FEEL) like the best version of you. You need to be recognisable, too. How many times have you met someone in real life and not recognised them to be the same person you’ve seen online over the last few months? It can be a real shock, can’t it! And a bit embarrassing.

Ideally, your brand photos and videos need to look like a sightly more polished version of you. Nobody needs to be on screen or pictured with dirty or frizzy hair, dark circles under their eyes and an angry spot on their chin but we all know there are ways to avoid that. But ‘natural’ is ok if that’s your style.

The clothes you wear in photos and on camera should have the same ‘feel’ or ‘style’ as the ones you wear in real life. This is what creates connection and helps you on your visibility journey.



Don’t create a ‘glossy’ brand if, in real life, you are a joggers or jeans kind of dresser. Make it easy for yourself. If your style is casual, keep it natural (but one level up!) for camera. That way you are being authentically you. It’ll be easier to connect with the people you want to ‘see’ you and 100% easier to get out and about to networking events and meet people IRL without the embarrassment of them having no idea who you are because of the HUGE mismatch between your online persona and the real you.

There is no right or wrong for dressing for business except that you must look and feel like you.

If you still don’t know your true style, and you KNOW this is your next up-levelling step, keep your eye on your emails. I’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline – my fabulous free Wardrobe Reboot Challenge returns in September (you can join the waitlist here) and I’ll be opening the doors to my online style program to help discover how to be more YOU always, with ease and start to feel unstoppable in life as well as in business.

I hope you found this helpful – and that it helps you with your future branding photoshoots. I’d love to hear about your branding photoshoot experiences – do you have any top tips to share? Do leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear how you get on!

Helen x

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