Continuing on from my last blog post (which you can read here) where we covered how to dress when you have a short body and longer legs, here are my tips for the reverse proportions. Do you identify with having a long body and shorter legs? Is so, this one is for you.

Firstly, I’d like to remind you that our beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing your unique proportions can make choosing what to wear and how to style it so much easier and give you a huge confidence boost.

Dressing for your shape is simply creating flattering shapes, using lines. It’s just an optical illusion. When you learn this for yourself, you stop trying to squeeze yourself into unflattering styles that you admire on others and you stick to what works for you.

Body confidence is a huge topic and I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with your body, you might just need some tips on how to dress it so that you feel as amazing as you are.

So, let’s get started.

1. avoid making your torso look even longer

High waisted styles are perfect for you. A high waist sits higher on your torso, giving the illusion of a shorter body and magically, longer legs. The continuation of fabric from your legs up to the top of the waistband of your skirt, jeans or trousers gives the illusion of a long, lean line.

Low waisted styles aren’t popular at the moment (think back to Brittany Spear’s heyday) but these are your worst option and will add inches to your torso.  A mid-rise is ok, but you won’t look quite as in-proportion as when you go higher rise.

2. Go long below the waist

A longer length dress, skirt or trouser will add inches to your legs. Again, it’s the continuation of colour/fabric that gives the illusion of greater length. Worn with heels, your legs will appear longer but if you prefer a flat shoe, try a flatform or other chunky sole to give a similar effect.

3. Wear a dress

Dresses make it less obvious where your torso ends and your legs begin, so are a great option for you. Add a belt if you want to cinch in your waist. Wear the belt higher up than your natural waistline if it’s comfortable, to maximise the effect of rebalancing your proportions.


4. Try shorter shorts

You might find that shorter shorts (but probably not micro-length) are more flattering than longer – give it a go by trying the towel trick. Take a towel, hold it vertically by each corner on the shorter side and hold it to the floor whilst standing in your underwear in front of a full length mirror. Slowly raise the towel to see how your legs look at each length. This not only gives you your best length of shorts, but also cropped trousers and any skirt or dress length. There will be points at which your legs look more shapely (usually the narrower points) and lengths where it feels unflattering.


5. choose your footwear mindfully

Believe it or not, your choice of footwear can affect your visual leg length. In longer lengths, choose a shoe in the same tone as whatever the fabric is on your legs. This continues the line and is a brilliant way of lengthening your legs.

If you are wearing crops, shorts or a skirt or dress that shows some leg, try a nude shoe. Your nude is one that matches your skin tone (nude isn’t a standard colour). This helps to continue the line of your leg. And you’ll do better in a low-fronted shoe that shows the top of your foot, rather than one that covers your foot or has an ankle strap. Pointed toes will add even more length.



So there you have it. I hope that helps. Do report back on how you get on with these style tips by leaving a comment here on the blog.


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