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How to develop a signature style that’s appropriate to your age

This question was asked over in my Facebook community and I decided it was a useful one to explore since we seem to have this idea that once we reach a certain age, we can no longer wear x, y and z and perhaps start playing it ‘safe’ with clothes. 

If you want to disappear into the background and become invisible, this is good advice. If you want to feel fabulous, make a statement or stay up to date, this is a terrible idea!


Where to start…

Firstly – I have no ‘rules’ about what is age appropriate and what isn’t, so please don’t get offended by the age part here. I firmly believe that you should wear what feels good to you regardless of your age, your size, your lifestyle – the only thing I care about is how you feel in your clothes. 

I want you to feel comfortable, confident and like the best version of yourself, whether that’s a very casual outfit for relaxing at home or doing sport, or a super fancy outfit for an important event.

The key to achieving this is to understand your style. And this is where I suspect you might be struggling. 


Become a detective

The quickest and most fun way to get to know your true style is to book in with me for a consultation. (Skip to the end for more details.) 

But, if you are going to give this a go yourself you need to become a detective! There are a series of questions below for you to ponder. The answers to which will become clues to help you to build a picture of your true style. 

Grab yourself a pen and paper and start gathering your clues!


  • Where do you feel your best? Casual, smart or smart/casual?
  • Do you prefer yourself in trousers and tops, or skirts and dresses.
  • Which colours are your favourite to wear? Including neutrals.
  • Are you happiest in flat blocks of colour or do you like wearing print?
  • Which kind of prints do you like on yourself? Animal print? Florals? Graphic? Paisley?
  • Are you drawn to texture? What kind do you like? Faux fur, crochet, leather?
  • How much colour feels good to you in an outfit? A splash? A full outfit?
  • Do you enjoy accessorising? 
  • Do you like to wear make-up every day? Even if its just a bit? Or are you happiest bare-faced?

Think about a time when you know you looked and felt great. What were you wearing?

Can you break this outfit down to the colours in the outfit? Did it involve print and/or texture? What was the cut/ shape of the key pieces? Was there anything else about the outfit that stood out to you?

Now look at your list of clues or observations. How could these elements of your favourite outfits be translated into your everyday looks? How could they be incorporated into your smarter looks?

A signature style is one that is instantly recognisable as belonging to you. In reality most of us have a few different ways of dressing that feel good, but deciding on one is a good way to start. 

If this feels too difficult, try this instead

You may feel like you have simply lost touch with what you like to wear. And are scared of getting it ‘wrong’.

If so, another good option is to use Pinterest or other social media to find pictures of outfits you are drawn to. Is there someone in the public eye who’s style you admire and feel drawn to?

Gathering inspiration in this way – perhaps from women who you know are a similar age, shape or life stage to you can help you see how it could work. Age is an attitude. Don’t ever dress in an apologetic and polite way. Be more you!


Why it’s usually best to work with an expert

As a Personal Style Consultant, I’ve done in-depth training to be able to understand a person’s unique style, from the shades and tones of colour that work best, to the cuts, hemlines, lengths, fabrics, textures and details in an outfit that will always feel amazing. If trying the above method still leaves you feeling stuck, do feel free to get in touch to explore the options to work with me on your style.

The best way to start is either my online program – The Style Plan, which you can work through in your own time at your own pace, or get it all done in a half day session with me, either online or in my West Sussex studio, in a Transformation Session. I’ll even find you some fabulous new pieces in your colours, shapes and styles to get you started!


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