How to Create Your Functional and Fabulous Summer Wardrobe


Get ready for SUMMER!

Up-level your wardrobe to support your lifestyle, bringing you confidence and joy for the season ahead (and beyond!)

A 90-MINUTE online STYLE class

Tuesday 23rd July, 7 – 8.30pm UK

Followed by a 30 minute live Q&A!

A 90 minute practical style class packed full of fantastic tips and inspiration.

Is this class what you need right now?

  • You lead a busy life and need the ‘getting dressed and feeling great’ part to be quicker and easier. Having your wardrobe working optimally for the events in your diary this summer is the key to dressing success.


  • As your profile grows, you need your outfits to better reflect the successful woman you’ve become. Relying on the same two or three outfits isn’t feeling good any more.You know you must have more outfits at your fingertips within your wardrobe but a lack of time and inspiration means you’ve stopped being creative in your outfits and feel stuck in a rut. Let’s get inside and have a thorough review, remove what’s no longer relevant to your life and get more use out of your existing pieces in new and exciting ways.
  • You are ready to invest in better quality clothes for longevity but hate the idea of making expensive mistakes. A thorough wardrobe review will help you to purposefully identify what’s missing from your summer clothing collection so that you can invest with confidence, knowing exactly when, where and how you’ll wear each piece.


  • You run an efficient business but your wardrobe is a muddle! You are ready for your wardrobe and outfit choices to be more deliberate and a better reflection of you. Dressing smartly in hot weather can be a real challenge. Let’s make it easier for you by making sure you have enough of the right ‘ingredients’ within your wardrobe.

If you are ready to uplevel your outfits and dress as the fabulous woman you are, this  style class is for you.

There’s no one size fits all advice here. You are beautifully unique and you don’t need to dress like anyone else! You want to show up in the world in a way that feels just right for who you are and how you are. You want to feel comfortable as well as up-to-date. I promise you it’s possible. You just need the right ingredients, the motivation, some instruction and new ideas. And I can bring that for you!

How long is it since you had a thorough wardrobe review? What might be hiding inside that could be the key to unlocking a whole load of incredible outfits? You’ll never know unless you dig deep. And you’ll keep putting the task off until you have a specific reason. This kind of work can feel overwhelming when you do it alone.

Let me be your reason to get started. Get my step-by-step instruction on how to achieve not only a beautifully organised space but also a productive place for choosing what to wear. You’ll have more fabulous outfits hiding in your wardrobe than you ever believed. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like the feeling of being organised, productive and creating a beautiful and inspiring space.

It’s time for a change! Let’s get this uplevelling journey started!

Get your wardrobe to a state where it better reflects you, your work, your diary and your life. Make summer dressing a breeze.

Get organised, decluttered and inspired.

Sign up for this fabulous style class here.

(If you’ve attended my infamous Wardrobe Reboot Experience in the past, you’ll be taking this work you started to the next level.)





If you desperately need this masterclass but can’t make the date, we have you covered. Sign up today and we’ll send you the recording (and any course materials), so that you can work through the steps in your own time.



7 – 8.30pm

Followed by a 30 minute live Q&A!

A fun and transformational online style class, all from the comfort of your own home.




Helen showed me how to get the most out of what I’ve already got that still fits, and put different pieces together in ways I would never have done by myself, which has given me plenty of new outfit options without buying anything new. Helen also helped me to work out what the true gaps are where I really could do with extra items, which means that I won’t be buying unnecessary things and only investing in targeted pieces from now on. I’m back to feeling super confident, sassy and gorgeous about my style again, with options to play with for every occasion.

Harriet Waley-Cohen

I cannot tell you what a gift it is to know I get to wake up tomorrow and have a whole selection of clothes that can be mixed together in creative, confident ways to bring out the me I’m feeling that day.

Maggie Cunningham

I have been positively skipping up every morning to get to my cupboard. Opening it up now fills me with joy instead of dread. And even though I am not the weight I would like to be, wearing the right clothes has really helped boost my confidence. I now have choices and different options instead of just staring vaguely into the cupboard hoping for a miracle every day.

Lesley Huth

Helen Reynolds

Hi, I’m Helen Reynolds

I specialise in supporting women who love life, seize opportunities and think big.

I work with women who are ready to bring their wardrobe in line with their positive outlook. They want the outfits they wear to represent how they feel on the inside. This leads to a bigger, braver life, stepping out from the shadows and shining brightly!

When you understand your true style, you’ll feel even more excited to get out, be more visible and life your life to the full.

Discovering my own true style over 15 years ago was honestly life-changing for me. Having spent many years working in glossy magazines and feeling my style just wasn’t good enough, I finally had my eyes open to the possibilites for myself.

I can’t tell you the joy, confidence and ease having this style confidence has brought me since. I think every woman should experience it. I feel like I have the best career in the world. Spreading joy and confidence to fabulous women who are ready for an upgrade in all areas of their lives.


  • Discover what we mean by a ‘Functional Wardrobe’ and why you need one!
  • Learn how to plan out your own fabulous, functional wardrobe and understand exactly what you really need to own.
  • Learn how to decide what is simply taking up valuable space that could be released from your clothing collection.
  • Find the hidden gems you already own that might unlock a whole load of new and exciting outfits.
  • Identify your wardrobe gaps so that anything that comes in new is chosen with purpose.
  • Gain the confidence to invest in better quality, long-lasting items without the fear of wasting money.
  • Follow my tried and trusted steps to get your wardrobe thinned out, organised and ready to support you in your daily life.
  • Have the quiet confidence that you have several outfit options for any event that is likely to crop up in your diary. No more stressful panic buying!



This style class is designed to help you get organised and inspired within your wardrobe. It’ll help you to get to a place of clarity on what your lifestyle requires you to wear as well as what you already own that can be used in new and more up to date ways. This process will also help you to see what’s missing from your current clothing collection so that when you do bring in new items, you can do so with confidence, buying better quality and thinking about long-term wear.


You’ll move from wardrobe fatigue and overwhelm to feeling excited and inspired about the new and exciting outfit combinations you can create. Get clear on what your wardrobe needs to look like and feel excited about how to get there.


The result is a hard-working collection of clothes that are a pleasure to get dressed into each day. Always have the right thing to wear at a moment’s notice and feel fabulous wherever you are going and whatever you are doing.






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