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During the colder months, we’re more likely to wear layers than at any other time of year. In this blog I’m exploring different colour combinations that are more interesting than black + a colour. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, wearing black and a colour is ABSOLUTELY FINE, but these days, combining one colour with another colour is the most up to date way of layering. I’d love to inspire you to experiment with some of the ideas I’ve shared below. Or, use your own ideas to have more fun with layering.

I’m particularly talking about layering on your top half in this blog, because it’s the colours you wear closest to your face that have the biggest impact on how you look.

We’ll explore tonal layering, as well as how to wear seemingly clashing colours together in a fun, luxurious and up to date way. 

First and foremost, it’s extremely helpful to know the colour palette that flatters you the most. If you’ve had a colour analysis session, you’ll most likely be feeling pretty confident about your best dark and your best light neutrals, as well as the range of colours that work best for your skin-tone. 

(Incidentally, if you don’t feel great in the colours you’ve been advised to wear, it IS possible that you’ve been mis-diagnosed. When I’m working inside my clients’ wardrobes, I often find that they are intuitively drawn to the right colour palette even if they’ve been told something else in the past in a colour consultation. If you’ve been correctly diagnosed, you will very likely love your palette.)*

I’ll be referring to the colour analysis seasons throughout this blog so if you don’t know yours yet, please experiment with what I’m sharing. See if you can glean some clues to help you narrow down the colours that work best for you. Or, jump to the end of the blog to find out how you can get your colours analysed by me!

Luxurious Layering

Layering together soft neutral tones can look incredibly luxurious, even if the clothes you are using aren’t particularly high-end.

This works particularly well for people who suit classic or natural dressing styles (I will explore clothing styles more later in the year).

  • Try browns and creams
  • Browns and camel
  • Navy and black
  • Three different blue tones (or other neutrals) together

Bold layering

I’ve been inspired by Victoria Beckham’s bright red with camel (great for those with spring colouring) and in this Instagram shot, she’s wearing one of her own creations that also includes blue and cream. I think it’s divine! 

Victoria Beckham

I’ve also been inspired by Trinny Woodhall, who recently layered a burgundy jacket over a pale blue top (great for those with summer colouring). She is the queen of dramatic colour combinations.

Trinny Woodhall

If you suit the winter palette, you’ll know that you have some glorious icy tones in your palette. Think white with a hint of a colour.

Wear icy blue with navy, or icy pink with cerise and see how the high contrast works with your skin-tone. ‘Bright’ winters wear these combinations brilliantly well.

Black is of course an incredibly useful colour for layering. Notice how it works for you when you wear it close to your face. For many women this dark tone can be very heavy and unflattering. I hardly ever advise my clients to stop wearing black even when I’ve identified it isn’t the best dark neutral for them. BUT I take care to show them how to use it without compromising how they look.

Black works well with white for that strong monochrome look. You can also get this look by replacing white with any light colour. 

Ideas for colour combinations when layering up, by season:


Camel + cream
Camel + warm brown
Mid blue + ivory white
Camel + clear bright red
Aqua blue + light navy


Pale blue + burgundy
Pale blue + mid blue
Soft pink + burgundy
Soft pink with + blue
Light cool brown + blue red


Conker brown + mustard
Chocolate brown + warm red
Forest green + chocolate brown
Teal + chocolate brown
Teal + marine navy


Black + silver
Cerise and icy pink
Black and bright yellow
Navy and magenta
Burgundy and shocking pink

Or, create your own combinations using what you have in your wardrobe.

Have fun playing with your layering pieces and leave me a comment. I’d love to know which you are going to try!

*Now that I have a purpose-built studio, I’m experimenting with offering one-to-one and small group Colour Analysis sessions. For the last few years I have only offered Colour Analysis as part of a bigger package so this is something new!

For more information, drop me an email.

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