To me, autumn means coats, boots and knitwear. Three of my favourite things to wear and buy. It’s so lovely to get cosy and warm when the temperature drops BUT how do you wear your knits without adding extra illusional poundage? I love the idea of a chunky knit but they often just make me look even more top heavy than I already am.

In this blog I’m sharing some tips on how to spot the type of knitwear that’ll make you feel fabulously stylish and enjoy wearing for years.


Chunky Knits vS fine knits



& OTHER STORIES Cable Knit Sweater

A chunky knit can be a great option for pear-shaped women. If you are a dress size smaller on your top half (than your lower half), you have the ‘space’ to carry off a gorgeous chunky knit. You’ll actually be making your top half appear more in proportion with your bottom and thighs so they can be very flattering. Stick to shorter lengths, rather than longer ones for the most flattering silhouette.

A fine knit or something less ‘chunky’ might be a better idea for you if you are a dress size bigger on your top half (than your lower half), or if you feel self-conscious of a large chest or tum. This will keep you warm without adding unwanted bulk. And your best length is slightly longer than for pear-shaped women. A hemline that skims your slim hips and thighs might be more flattering than finishing across the widest part of your tummy if you have a top heavy figure type.





On a very cold day, a roll or polo neck might feel like a good idea. These are best suited to those women with longer necks as they can give the illusion of shortening your neck and making you look a bit like a head on shoulders. If it’s too cold to care – ignore this advice!

Any high neckline can make your bust look bigger and lower, so bear that in mind if that is not something you want to do. Some women can get away with it even with a bigger bust so just be aware of how it makes you feel.

Layering a V neck or a lower neck-lined jumper over a slim fit polo neck can work really well to avoid this ‘bust enlargement issue’ by breaking up the area and making you feel really warm and snug.






Cardigans are back in fashion and we are spoilt for choice this year. Often a cardigan is more useful and flattering than a jumper and can work well over trousers, jeans and dresses. Just remember the advice above on lengths to flatter your figure. If you are in mid-life and can never be sure of how hot or cold you are likely to feel at any moment in the day, a cardi that can be pulled on and off is a blessing.




More than a cardi and less than a coat, ‘coatigans’ have become very popular over the years as either an in-between seasons piece or as a more stylish, statement option to keep on indoors.





WHITE STUFF Phoebe Knitted Wrap  

Fancy wrapping yourself up in a blanket but feel it’s not really the done thing on a Zoom call in a chilly office? Get yourself a poncho or a wrap. They do the job and look stylish. These are a really good option for top heavy figures.




Sleeveless vests

WHITESTUFF Phoebe Knitted Wrap

These are everywhere this year and are a lovely, layering option, whether over a shirt, long sleeved t-shirt or even over a dress.



Always, always check the washing instructions before you buy. Many lovely knits advise handwashing. I have to admit that I use the handwash cycle of my washing machine for most of mine and use a gentle detergent specifically for cashmere or handwashing. BUT it is a risk, so if you aren’t prepared to take the care needed please don’t buy anything that can’t be bunged in the machine.

Most knitwear will benefit from drying laid out flat so that it doesn’t stretch out of shape.

Good knitwear will ‘pile’ or ‘bobble’. I consider a cashmere comb and a ‘de-bobbler’ to be essential wardrobe staples. You can totally change the look of a scruffy looking knit with a bit of care and attention with a de-bobbler. They come up like new!


What knitwear are you most looking forward to wearing this season? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Helen x

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