January is typically a time for starting new habits. And here’s one I’d like to encourage you to adopt.

Over the last 10 ½ years, I’ve worked with A LOT of wonderful women. This means I’ve been in a LOT of wardrobes and seen a LOT of items of clothing.

One thing that comes up again and again, regardless of who I’m working with, is this.

People hanging on to items of clothing that are beautiful.

No matter the person or the wardrobe, I almost always find a beautiful dress (or skirt/jacket/pair of shoes) that they don’t wear.

They tell me that they love the dress. It’s a thing of beauty. It’s SO well made. The fabric is stunning. They tell me that if their bum (or tummy/boobs/thighs) was a bit smaller, it’d fit beautifully.

But I know the truth.

It’s nothing to do with the fit.

The real reason they don’t wear this thing of beauty is because it doesn’t suit them. It might be the colour, the print, the shape or the style or a combination of these things, but this dress was not made for them.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful any item of clothing is, if it doesn’t suit you, it won’t make you look or feel beautiful. And if you are like most of my clients, you hold onto these things because you tell yourself that one day you’ll wear it. When your bum is smaller. (I promise you that if your bum does get smaller, the chances of you wearing the beautiful thing are still very slim).

We are all beautifully different which is why you need to find YOUR version of a beautiful dress (skirt/jacket/pair of shoes). Feeling style confident is so much more than owing nice clothes. You need to know what works for you (and understand why!).

Whilst reading this. you’ve probably already identified what your beautiful-but-not-you item is, in your own wardrobe.

Once identified, you can choose to do one of two things with it:

1. Keep it to cherish (but NOT in your wardrobe). Ideally, your wardrobe should only contain pieces that are genuine options for you to wear on any given day. Each piece needs to be season appropriate and suitable for your lifestyle. Oh, and of course, it helps a LOT if they suit you and make you feel good.

2. Take a photo of the piece then let it go. You don’t need the physical item to be able to remember it. Make space for something else that you love (and that you will be excited to wear).

And then, stop buying beautiful pieces of clothing that don’t suit you.

Of course, this might require you to understand what truly suits you and why. There are solid reasons why certain colours, shapes, styles, fabrics and accessories suit you when others don’t work at all. (However beautiful they may be.)


5 good reasons to make 2020 the year you get style confident

1. It’s better for the planet. When you know what suits you (and what doesn’t), you’ll buy less and wear each piece more.

2. You’ll look (and therefore FEEL) fabulous. You’ll know how to dress well whether you are getting glammed up for a party, smartened up for a work event, or hanging out with your family or friends at the weekend.

3. You’ll spend less time deciding what to wear. Freeing up more time for getting on with your life!

4. Finding items of clothing you love in the shops or online will be quicker and easier. AND you’ll be able to confidently say ‘NO’ to beautiful pieces that don’t suit you.

5. Your purse will thank you. It feels SO good to know you aren’t wasting money any more.

If you’d like my help to find your style confidence, get in touch to book a call by clicking here.

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I look forward to getting to know you.

Helen x

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