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Have you ever shopped from your own wardrobe? Do you even know what it means?

One of my favourite ways to support my private clients is in a mix and match session where we create as many fabulous outfits as we can from what they already own.

I had so much fun doing this with my client Laura of Be Modern Meditation recently, that I thought I’d share some secrets with you, so that you can try this for yourself.

Before you start, there are 3 things you need to have in order to make this work well (and to avoid turning it into a demoralising task…)

  1. A willingness to try unexpected outfit combinations
  2. The ability to be objective about yourself (which can be hard, I know)
  3. At least some clothes that really, truly suit you.

You will need to set aside some focussed time – the amount you need depends on how many outfits you’d like to create. I spent 3 hours with Laura and we created 50 fabulous outfits, from casual through to smart.




Pick out one base item. Something that you already know fits you well, is comfortable and that you aren’t yet getting the most out of. For Laura it was some fabulous green trousers.




 Have a look through your wardrobe (with an open mind) and pull out a selection of pieces that could work with your base item. It’s unlikely that everything you try will work, so don’t get despondent. Just move on to something else.


  • If the base item you’ve chosen is a statement piece – you *might* do best to choose plainer pieces to go with. Sometimes a statement piece needs to be allowed to take centre stage.
  • Include shoes and jewellery & even jackets/coats if you would like to create full outfits
  • Without a full length mirror you will struggle to do this…



When you’ve found a combination you love, snap a photo – because trust me. You will forget!




Repeat until you’ve created at least 3 outfits using that base item.




Pick a new base item and repeat!

If you have to work too hard to try to make something work, it’ll be for one of two reasons:

  1. The item isn’t right for you and your style.

There is a BIG difference between a nice outfit and one that allows you to shine. A top going with a skirt isn’t the same at the top and skirt (and entire outfit) going with you. Your head is part of the outfit – make sure it goes!

  1. You don’t have the requisite item to make it work.

If this is the issue, you need to decide whether it’s worth buying something new to make it work, or whether to let it go.


Give it a go!

Doing this a few times a year will (hopefully) remind you that you have more outfits that you think. Not only that, but it’ll save you SO much time and stress on those days when you don’t have time to spare, but you want to feel super-confident in a fabulous outfit.

Get out of the habit of always wearing a certain top with a certain skirt and change things up!

Have fun and do let me know how you get on by leaving me a comment!

Helen x


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