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The festive season is about to kick off so I’m here today inspire you to be party ready and feeling fabulous. I think it’s important to point out that there is no ‘one-dress-code-suits-all’ when it comes to party dressing. Your mind might automatically jump to sequins and glitter but they aren’t your only options. AND please, please, please be mindful if you buy anything with sequins – they will still be around long after you are, so make sure it’s a piece you will wear and love for years, or choose a kinder option.



Outfit planning:

This is one of my most favourite activities at any time of year but with a busy December diary I like to plan my festive outfit options way in advance. This helps me to remember what I already have that could work and reminds me that Christmas outfits don’t have to be top to toe sparkle. It helps me to identify items that I love to wear throughout winter that can be glammed up to feel more festive.

I start by making a list of all the events I’m planning to attend and then think about any considerations such as walking, standing for long periods, cold venues and hot kitchens.

I also take into account the fact that the slim fit trousers that fit beautifully on December 1st might not be quite so comfortable by Boxing Day, so I try to wear those kind of pieces early on in the month.

Once you’ve done your planning, I recommend you go through your wardrobe and pull out any potential ingredients for your outfits. If you have a pop up clothes rail this is a very useful way to look at your options without getting in a muddle. Include footwear, accessories, bags and coats when you are looking for options.



outfit ideas:



This might be drinks at your local pub, an open house, a carol concert in a chilly church or the school play.

You don’t always need to be top-to-toe glam for festive events. A nod to the season in an otherwise ‘normal’ outfit can often be enough.

A stylish Christmas knit worn with your favourite skirt, tailored trousers or smart jeans and some sparkle in your ear lobes can feel wonderfully dressed down, cosy yet festive.

I love these festive style jumpers that aren’t full-on ‘cheese’ and lend themselves well to being worn all winter long.



Hobbs Fair Isle Sweater

Jigsaw Fisherman’s Rib Merino Wool Jumper



For parties and smarter events you’ll want to step up the glam factor. A dress or jumpsuit is the simplest outfit option, just needing great shoes or boots, jewellery and a coat. Again, you don’t want to be rushing out to buy a new dress that you’ll only wear once. Think about options that have longevity or consider renting a fabulous piece which is a great way to wear a special dress without leaving it to languish in your wardrobe for the rest of time. Look at Hurr, Bauken (who have a fabulous leopard print dress to rent for just £29!), and By Rotation.



mixing and matching separates:

Perhaps the best option is a collection of separates that can be mixed and matched. That way you can use what you already have with the option of adding in something that feels new and exciting if you feel you need it.

This is when ‘Outfit Formulas’ come into their own. An ‘Outfit Formula’ is a repeatable way of dressing using specific cuts that work for you. For example, it might be a maxi skirt and a fitted top or jumper. Or a pair of wide leg trousers with a tucked in top or jumper. Or a straight or skinny trouser with a looser fit blouse or top and blazer. When you know which of these feels best for you, it can feel easier to have a few options for each half of your body that can make different combinations. Then change up the footwear, bags, jewellery, make-up to add more glam when required.


Ted Baker Ruffle Jumper

HUSH Raven Pleated Liquid Metallic Maxi Skirt


think about fabrics:

Adding luxe fabrics into your outfit can be an easy way to feel festive. Fabrics that have a sheen, are velvety, feathery or furry work super-well for seasonal outfits. Whether you suit a silk blouse, a mohair jumper, a velvet dress or a faux fur coat, think about what you can add in to bring more of the glam factor.

One way I do this in December is to pull out my faux fur coat. I don’t wear it any other time of year but it’s been my faithful companion for over 10 years and has been worth every penny. Just throwing it over an all-black outfit with a red lip and some sparkly earrings is my easy no-brainer festive outfit.


HUSH Rachel Faux Fur Jacket


I hope this has been helpful and that you can get organised and enjoy the planning process. Once you’ve worked out your best no-brainer festive outfit, leave me a comment and share what makes you feel fab.



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