My Lockdown Story


There’s no disputing that Autumn is now here.

So, I’m finally taking my Style Club members through the full version of my seasonal wardrobe process. I’ve decided to share a condensed version of this brilliant process in my blog for you, because I bet you are starting to look for new outfits that’ll work for the cooler weather and your WFH lifestyle too!

I take myself through this process twice a year too, to make sure that I have everything I need (and want!) for the coming season.

When I follow this process, I wear more of what I already own and don’t over-spend.

When I don’t follow it, this happens:

  • I repeat buy red/orange tops and end up not having time to wear them all
  • I forget about a really nice pair of trousers or a top that I have, because it’s hiding behind other pieces
  • I get stuck in a rut wearing the same jeans and jumpers on rotation
  • I feel bad when I try to wear certain things that no longer fit me

So, if you’d like to:

  • Wear more of your wardrobe more often
  • Get dressed quickly and easily each day and enjoy wearing different combinations of the same pieces
  • Know that everything hanging there is a genuine option to wear that day
  • Know that everything you see when you open the doors, fits how your body is right now
  • Easily see where the gaps are, so any new purchases are well considered and good investments

Then it’s time to get busy!

Follow this process to get your wardrobe ready for action (even if the only action we have this year is a gazillion zoom calls, walks in nature and an occasional meal out in a pub!).

Step 1 – REFINE

  • Set aside some time to pull out of your wardrobe anything that is clearly summer wear.
  • Remove anything that you know doesn’t fit you right now.
  • Remove anything that you don’t enjoy wearing (for whatever reason).
  • Look for items that are worn out/ need repairing and decide whether they are salvageable.

When you have removed these things, decide what to do with them:

  • Charity donation – iCollectClothes will pick up your re-saleable clothing from your home or place of work.
  • If the clothes are worn out, see if your local charity shop takes rags.
  • Sell good condition pieces on an online site such as Ebay, Depop or if it’s a designer piece, Vestiaire Collective.
  • If you will wear the items again, when summer comes around, or your dress size or lifestyle changes, pack them into vacuum storage bags and pop them in the loft or under the bed.

By the time you’ve done this, your wardrobe could be looking much lighter. The AMAZING thing is that this allows you to more easily see what you have and you’ll feel like you have more options to wear already!



Identify your key pieces – Black jeans, navy trousers, tailored joggers, leather leggings…

Whatever your pieces are, get new inspiration by looking online or in catalogues to see how people are styling them. Look at the colour combinations, the footwear and any other detail that appeals.

**Remember that your colouring, shape and style might very well be different to what you see in these images and that’s ok! Some things will work for you and others won’t. We are all beautifully different. If something makes you feel good, wear it. If it doesn’t, look for another way!**

For more inspiration, you can search on Pinterest for ‘autumn style for petites / big boobs / pear shapes’ – whatever is relevant to you, and see what comes up.

Step 3 – PLAY!

Using what you already have and anything you decide to buy new, set aside some time to play. Try some different outfit combinations that you’ve never tried before and see how they feel for you.

Trial and error might take time but it’s a great way to get creative. If you already know your best colours, shapes and styles, this bit is easy. (If you’d like to stop using trial and error and would like my help, scroll down).

When you find an outfit you like, snap a photo on your phone to remind yourself of it, or write it down and keep a list of all your new outfits in your wardrobe.

Then think about how you could recreate slightly different takes on it by swapping out one piece. Try different tops/bottoms/ accessories/ footwear to create different, but similar looks.


I’d love to know how this goes for you! What did you uncover? Share in the comments below!

P.S. If you don’t have time for trial and error, I’d love to help you. Get in touch here and ask about my Remote Transformation Session which is a fabulous, quick and easy way to understand your own true style and feel fabulous and energised in your new outfits.

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