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I know you’ve heard this before, but if you want to feel more confident and comfortable in your skin, you need to believe that the way you are right now is perfect. If your social media feed is full of women who have completely different bodies to yours and that makes you feel bad about yourself, you need to make some changes.

My Instagram feed is full of women of all shapes and sizes so that I can continue to get inspiration for my clients who are also beautifully different from each other. I thought you might find it useful to have a look at some of these women and maybe follow them too.

On a practical level, by following what they share, you can get tips on how particular items fit their bodies, how to style the items and which brands cater well for their proportions.

Please note that I’ve focussed this list on body size rather than any other determining factor. You may not look like them but you may identify with their size.


Emily Jane Johnston – @emilyjanejohnston
Abby Dufficy – @mytall40s
Helen Brookes – @40plusnotgivingupyet
Karen Blanchard – @karenbritchic


Abi Lynn – @stealmystyle40!
Hannah Crosskey – @hannahcrosskey
Kopal J – @petite_and_curvy
Chloelovestoshop – @chloelovestoshop


plus size:
Mollie Campsie – @molliecampsie
Melis – @Plussizestylefiles
Billie Bhatia – @billie_bhatia
Hollie Burgess – @hollieplus
Rebecca Louise – @selflove_curve_style
Emily Jane Johnston – @emilyjanejohnston (also Tall)
Caroline Sigamoney – @fabfatand40plus


OVER 40s:
Nikki Garnett – @Midlifechic
Catherine Summers – @Notlamb
Helen Brookes – @40plusnotgivingupyet (midsize also tall)
Alyson Walsh – @thatsnotmyage
Reina Jaz – @venswifestyle


The very best person to follow for any body issues in my opinion is Alex Light – @alexlight_ldn. Her book ‘You Are Not A Before Picture’ is truly eye-opening.

I hope this list helps you to find at least one new person to follow and learn from. I’d love to know who you follow and love to be inspired by so I can widen my inspiration too.


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