I have a different take on clothing style from many other ‘experts’.

When I watch style videos and read advice from people in the industry, I often find myself shaking my head and disagreeing.

I believe there’s way too much blanket advice out there, which at best is confusing and at worst harmful.

For example:

“Everybody should wear these jeans, they are SOOOOO flattering.”

(Yes, they look amazing on you, but you have an evenly-proportioned size 8 figure).

“This animal print coat is great investment buy. And to make it look even better, cinch in your waist with a thin belt.”

(The coat IS beautiful, but it would be waaaaay too dramatic for many women. And don’t even get me started on belting everything…)

“A black biker jacket/ leather trousers are must-have wardrobe staples.”

(Urrr, no. Just no.)


What is great style?

Having great style is being able to put together an outfit that looks and feels like you.

It’s being able to pick out pieces that go with you and with the other items you already own. Your style should show you in your best light, whether on a casual day or a smart occasion.

We are all beautifully different and we don’t all need to dress alike.

When you know your clothing style, you can confidently leave behind ALL those pieces that you think you’d like to wear (or that you’ve been led to believe are essential wardrobe staples).

Honing-in on your style makes putting together great outfits SO much more straightforward.


Why you might need style direction

Years ago, before I even thought about changing career and doing this work, I booked myself in with an image consultant from a leading colour and image company.

The part where we determined my style involved me ticking some boxes next to images I liked in a pre-printed booklet.

This exercise was far from helpful and it certainly didn’t tell me anything about my own style.

I had no idea what suited me and just tried a bit of everything. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. But when it didn’t, I didn’t know why (and felt pretty rubbish).

What I was looking for was direction. I wanted to be told to wear this and leave that behind. I was looking for expert opinion.


How I teach my clients about style

When I work one to one with a client, we look at their different lifestyle areas and the styles that would work best for them. I show them how they can take their style from the most casual days to their smartest occasions and everything in-between. This involves introducing new ideas as well as letting things go.

I learnt this unique approach to clothing style back in 2009 when I did my image training. Even then, I was STILL trying to figure out my own style.

Part of the training was having my own style analysed. And what I learned was SO liberating and exciting!

Knowing how to advise my own clients in this way gives them the confidence to stop ‘shoulding’. They understand that you don’t HAVE to wear a black suit with a white shirt to an interview. You shouldn’t feel like you have to wear a dress, jacket and hat to a wedding. They decide what to wear based on what suits them and then adapting the outfit to be appropriate to the occasion. NOT the other way around.

This month, in my blogs and my Facebook live sessions, I’ll be delving into the different clothing styles, so that you can start to work out which are right for you. Then you’ll be able to more easily pick out the pieces that are right for you, that’ll work hard in your wardrobe and make you look and feel confident.



Leave me a comment and tell me what you’d like to know about finding your own true style. It’ll help me to shape the next blog post.


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