Photo of a metallic high heeled shoe

I read a lot of stuff in glossy magazines that makes my blood boil.

Everyone suits this shade of lipstick.

This skirt shape flatters every figure type.

And so on…

It’s not true. None of it.

But, there are one or two things (and really not many more than that) that I do believe (just about) everyone can benefit from. Let me tell you.

Last week, I was searching for a pair of metallic shoes for a VIP client and although this pair definitely WOULDN’T suit everyone due to its heel height and style, a metallic shoe is such a fabulous thing to own.

And this is why.

Many women fall into the trap of buying a new dress for an event and then being persuaded by the ‘helpful’ shop assistant to buy the matching shrug/jacket, shoes and handbag.

Here’s the thing.

The jacket, shoes and handbag might go with the dress but do they go with YOU?

For example, we don’t all suit shrugs – if you carry weight around your middle avoid them like the plague!

And, we don’t need a new pair of shoes every time we buy a new dress. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news).

I’ll never forget looking through one particular client’s shoe collection. Every time she got an invitation to an event, she would dash out ‘last minute’ and pick up a dress (sometimes spending a small fortune). She’d grab a pair of shoes that were the same colour as the dress, wear the outfit once, not feel good in it, banish the dress to the back of the wardrobe and throw the shoes in a drawer under the bed – NEVER to be worn again – far too uncomfortable. She’d wasted a small fortune over the years.

So what’s the alternative?

Well first of all, choose a dress (or jumpsuit or trousers…) that loves you back. This means one that suits your colouring, your body shape and your style. No mean feat I know, unless you learn about this stuff for yourself – and I will come to that in a sec!

But secondly (and the reason for this blog post), get yourself a pair of metallic shoes. Your colouring will determine whether you suit gold or silver but once you know this and once you are wearing outfits in good colours for your skin tone, a pair of metallic shoes will go with everything. I promise.

Imagine that, having one good pair of shoes that you can wear at every event! That doesn’t mean you can’t ever buy an alternative pair BUT it will save  you from wasting money on bright pink shoes that you don’t wear more than once (and that cripple you).

So, if you realise that it’s definitely time to STOP wasting money on clothes and shoes that you don’t feel good in and you’d like to take some positive action to learn this stuff once and for all, you’ll need to get to grips with your own style. Get in touch today to find out how I can help you.



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