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Welcome to part two of this new back to basics series. Did you catch part one? You can catch up here if you missed it.

I’m on a mission to help you to get confident and up level your personal style if recent times have left you feeling somewhat uninspired.

I’ve been encouraging my community to make ‘you’ a bit of a project over the next few weeks and get clear on your true personal style. I’ve been creating step by step videos which I thought you might like to watch, especially if you aren’t a Facebook user.

In this video, I speak around the topic of feeling good in your body and using your clothes to direct attention towards and away from different areas.

I want you to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way your body is – we are all beautifully different. And there are lots of tips and tricks at your disposal to help you to feel confident if you don’t already.

I’ve included tips on using colour, print and texture to help you to draw attention towards and away from different areas of your body. Have a watch, try my suggestions and see how it feels! 

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Click here to watch the video.


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Sales Strategy



Could your wardrobe do with some TLC?

Then join me for my fabulous and free 5-Day Wardrobe Reboot Challenge – a week to get your wardrobe ship shape, boutique-like and working well for you. My aim is to support you to get your wardrobe to a place where almost everything inside is a viable option for you to wear on any given day.

And all of this without overwhelm! Sound good? 

Find out more and make sure you register your place by clicking here in order to participate. You’ll be very glad you did! 

See you there!

Helen x

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