Dress For The Woman You Are TODAY

Some women wake up one day and realise that they hate all their clothes. They don’t feel as though what they have in their wardrobes reflects who they really are and they want that to change.

The problem is, they have no idea of how to make that change.

The Most Attractive Woman At The Beach Club

I’ve recently returned from a blissful few days away in Mallorca. Stepping away from your every-day life and much-loved family for ‘5 minutes’ can have a transformational effect on your mind, I find. I try to do it at least once a year.

This year (as usual) my friend and I spent a lot of time people watching. It’s one of our most favourite things to do.

Our best spot for people watching and clothes analysing was the beach club. This is where a favourite theory of mine was proven once again.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Everyone is at it! Vlogging, recording videos, doing Facebook Live sessions and creating online programs. If you are running your own business, showing your face and your voice to your audience is where it’s at right now and this trend seems set to stay. If you...

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