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I have a friend who only buys new clothes when she sees a mannequin in a shop that catches her eye. And then she buys the whole outfit. That way, she tells me, she knows that everything goes well together.

The problem with this approach (which I appreciate is extreme) is that just because a top goes with a skirt or pair of trousers and the jackets looks good over the top – it doesn’t guarantee that’ll it’ll suit you.

We’ve all heard about dressing correctly for your body shape but what about dressing for your face? The shape of your face, the size of your features, your colouring and your hair style will all contribute to what your true style actually is.

If the outfit you love is flouncy and detailed and feminine but your features are strong, the two won’t match. And you might wear the outfit and feel terribly frumpy or old fashioned and wonder why it doesn’t work for you in the way you imagined.

Another mistake I see is women changing their style for different lifestyle areas. So they’ll dress in a very casual way for home, very classic way for work, a more fun way for going out and a very feminine way throughout the summer.

Unless you are a catalogue model, it’s highly unlikely that all of these different styles work for you. Rather than change your style constantly, try to recognise which feels best. Then think about how to incorporate elements of that style into each lifestyle area.

You can use colour, accessories, prints and texture to dress up or dress down your outfits and add interest, rather than completely change your style each time you go somewhere different.

So today, I urge you to tune into your best ‘looks’ and learn which details in an outfit work for you every time. Honestly, this approach saves you so much time and wasted money. (Not to mention valuable wardrobe space).

If you’d like my help in identifying your true style, I have a few Transformation Session slots left this side of summer. Book in for your discovery call to find out more.


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