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Are you, like many of my blog readers, an entrepreneur or involved in sales in some capacity?

If you are, or ever have been, you’ve probably been schooled in the art of selling at some point in your career. I expect you were taught the importance of finding out the EXACT problem of the person you want to help. And, it’s true – this is the key to making sure that you are the right person to help your prospect, which is ultimately what it’s all about.

For me, in my business, finding out the exact problem for my client is quite an overwhelming and emotional process. Whoever I’m talking to might be at a bit of a low ebb, confidence-wise.
During a Transformation Day I drill down even further and ask the client precisely what they like and dislike about the way they look.
Usually the reply is a long list of what they don’t like, and very often only one or two things that they do like.

Sometimes they like nothing about themselves.

Frankly, it’s truly heartrending to hear this. It then becomes my personal mission to give that client confidence about at least one part of their body, if not their whole body. Because I can see the beautiful bits even if they can’t.

What I wonder, is why women are endowed with this gene for hyper-self-criticism? There must be a primeval reason for it. Perhaps the cavewoman quickly learned not to be too chipper about herself for fear of being ostracised from the rest of the females – and likely starvation. Who knows?

What I do know is that I rarely encounter men who have this sort of attitude to their own body. This could be a generalisation – and I certainly don’t discuss body image with every man I come across, but it seems to me that most men rate themselves the reverse way from us: all pretty good, except one or two dodgy bits. Is this true for the men in your life? Let me know in the comments.

So, here’s my Christmas gift to you. The gift of objectivity. I’d love you to use my three suggestions below to take a look at your body objectively, and learn how to show-off your good bits.

Instead of noticing your big hips – look at your TINY WAIST!
Put your outfits together to highlight it. Never hide in baggy tops and shapeless jackets. You may prefer not to wear a bodycon dress but you can wear clothes that gently skim your waist, so we see it’s there. Or add a belt. If that makes you too self-conscious, choose one that’s the same colour as the top or dress you are wearing so it doesn’t visually cut your body into two.

Instead of focusing on a non-existent waistline – love your SUPER SLIM hips and thighs!
Wear your tops, jackets and coats slightly longer so that the hemline sits across your slim hips rather than your tummy. Avoid A-line skirts and dresses, pleated hemlines and bulky waistbands and choose pencil skirts that skim your slim hips and trousers and dresses that do the same.

Check out those ELEGANT wrists and ankles!
Treat yourself to a lovely bracelet and push your sleeves up a bit. Get them out! Wear this season’s cropped trouser to show-off your neat ankle, even if that means wearing a pop sock underneath to keep you warm.

Be gentle with your own feelings and stop the negative self-talk. I’m sure when you look again; you’ll notice that LOTS of your body parts are pretty amazing, actually.

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