So this IS Christmas… and what will we wear?

The shopping is DONE. The presents are wrapped and ready to go, the food is organised and I’m looking forward to family starting to arrive.

There’s just one last thing to figure out: what to wear on Christmas Day. As the hostess of a busy family celebration, this is something of a conundrum. I want to look stylish and elegant, but there might be a heck of a lot of physical activity involved, whether it’s heaving the turkey in and out of the oven or taking my father-in-law’s dog for a walk across the fields.

I also need to wear something that can house the sort of bulk that a 7000-calorie meal will instantly add to my tummy!

I decided to turn to the fabulous ladies of the High Performing Women group to get some inspiration on this matter. If you want to know SOMETHING about any subject, or a LOT about a specific subject, there is no better group of women to turn to for some excellent advice. Here’s what they had to say:


Nicky KrielNicky Kriel. Definitely PJs if I can get away with it. Every 2nd Christmas when I don’t have children, I now have a duvet day, but with champagne and chocolates. I have also discovered that my children 17, 19 and 24 love having a Christmas in PJs too.

Nicky’s website:

Nicki WilliamsNicki Williams. I always like to dress up on Christmas day – something sparkly definitely! I’m cooking this year so it will be covered in an apron til after lunch.

Nicki’s website:


Julie DennisJulie Dennis It’s sparkle all the way for me but I don’t bother with shoes until we go out for the post lunch family walk. The Menopause Coach.

Julie’s website:


Susan Heaton WrightSusan Heaton Wright. My husband and I wear our winter sweaters; we will all go for a long walk in the countryside, then warm up. I should add our son cringes at our Xmas sweaters!

Susan’s website:


Nina CookeNina Cooke. I like a comfy but dressed up outfit that I can curl up on sofa in after a huge lunch. It’ll be colourful as I tend to be pretty neutral most of the time. And it has to be forgiving around the waist!

Nina’s website:


Sarah FisherSarah Fisher. I go for a comfy, smart casual, sparkly look. Something that looks nice for church in the morning, I can add layers to for a walk along the beach in the afternoon and then curl up on the sofa after dinner.

Sarah’s website:


Shona EastonShona Easton. I’ll be wearing a skirt or dress, definitely with black opaque tights, so that, with the same outfit, I can change from doggy walking wellies in the morning to elegant black suede boots in the afternoon for our Christmas lunch which we usually have around 4pm.

Shona’s website:


Caroline FergusonCaroline Ferguson. I like luxury comfort – loose, floppy, silk velvet trousers and a cashmere poncho, with leather babouches and Christmas fairy earrings. I have been known to accessorise with a rudolph headband.

Caroline’s website:


Alice JenningsAlice Jennings. I always intend to do all the kitchen stuff in my jeans and then change into a glamorous outfit but reality tends to mean I am in jeans and a Christmas jumper all day! If I do manage to change it is usally a dress or skirt and nice top. Something with an expanding waist so I can stuff my self silly!

Alice’s website:


Rachel McGuinessRachel McGuiness. Christmas morning feels special and has a certain air about it. I do smart casual if I’m at home, as I want to feel comfortable because there will be a bit of cooking involved. If I’m abroad in the sunshine, it’s usually a summery maxi dress with sparkly jewellery.

Rachel’s website:


Frederike RhodesFrederike Rhodes. I can highly recommend Kit & Ace for any holidays, they have so many smart trousers, but all stretchy – ready for a massive Christmas Dinner… Winner! They are my favourite brand.



Cheryl SmithCheryl Smith. I will be in the Algarve for Christmas so it will be a little warmer than the UK (about 14 – 15 degrees during the day) 🙂 I will be wearing my navy tailored Banana Republic ankled trousers, silky top and heels.

Cheryl’s website:





So there you have it – some brilliant ideas for keeping your style batteries charged on Christmas Day. Over to you: tell me your ideas for stylish/practical (stretchy?) outfits that work for you at the most wonderful time of the year, down in the comments.

With love,
Helen x

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