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This is the second post on the theme of Clothing Style and today I’m covering two very popular styles. Each can be worn on their own as a whole outfit, or as part of an outfit if that feels a bit (or a lot) subdued for you.

Remember, the key to having style confidence is understanding what your unique mix of styles is. It’s about putting an end to wearing what you think you ought to wear and instead wearing outfits that make you look and feel confident.


Neutral tones

If you are usually to be found in neutral colours and (crucially) they make you feel good, you are likely to have a fair amount (or a HUGE amount) of the classic and or the natural clothing styles in your unique style combination.

If you tend towards neutral tones but you’d like to have the confidence to wear more colour (but are scared of getting it ‘wrong’), I’d guess that there’s more to your style than just classic and/or natural. Look out for the next blog where I’ll delve into the dramatic and the girly style.

For many people, classic and or natural pieces form the cornerstone of their wardrobe.


The difference between Classic and Natural Style

Classics like to be smart. Always. Even when they are dressed down, they will feel best when they are coordinated and unruffled. A camping trip is a classic’s worst nightmare.

Naturals like to be casual. Always. When they dress up for an occasion, they might feel stifled, uncomfortable and like they are pretending to be someone else.

Just to be clear, you are very unlikely to suit only one of these two styles. In my previous blog I wrote an introduction to this topic so that you can get the full picture on how to identify your true style. If you missed it, it’s worth having a read before you try to work out which is right for you.

Next time I will be showing you the dramatic and the girly styles which may also make up your own personal prescription. Don’t miss out on that one! If you aren’t already signed up to receive my blogs into your email inbox, you can sign up here.


Ideas for a Classic and a Natural wardrobe

Classic Neutral
Coat/Jacket Trench Parka
Footwear Court shoe | Chelsea boot Trainers | Ugg boots
Trouser Tailored Jeans | Linen
Skirt Pencil Denim | Linen
Top Shirt | Quality t-shirt T-shirt | Cotton or linen shirt
Knitwear Twin set | Polo neck Oversized jumper | Long cardigan
Jacket Blazer Denim | Jersey
Accessories Pearls | Small and simple None
Handbag Simple and classic! Rucksack or none!


If you’d like a more comprehensive Capsule Wardrobe cheat Sheet, I have a free download you are welcome to have. This one isn’t per style but is a very useful guide to what your wardrobe might need to contain in order to be versatile and work hard for you.

Watch out for my next blog where I’ll tell you all about the dramatic and girly style which involve more colour, texture and print!

And finally, if you’d like to learn all about your clothing style with me in the room, get yourself a ticket to my live London event, Get Your Style Sorted 2020!

This year it’s at The Waldorf Hotel, London on Saturday 25th April.

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