Cebrating you


Now that the festivities are over, it’s time to find something else to celebrate. My suggestion is to spend this month (and hopefully, beyond) celebrating YOU!

January can feel like a tricky month, with long dark days, miserable weather and resolutions to eat more healthily and move more in an attempt to counteract the excesses of December.

Whatever your New Year’s goals are, I’d like you to add in the intention of changing up your usual self-care routine to include a focus on your style.


You bet it is. My focus on style is so much more than supporting people to look good. What I truly, deeply care about is helping women to feel comfortable and fabulous in their skin. There are so many ways to achieve this and I’ve included three really easy ways for you in this blog.

Great style doesn’t mean following fashion. It doesn’t mean constantly buying new clothes and it certainly doesn’t mean copying what your friends are wearing.

It’s about knowing what makes YOU look and feel YOUR very best. And I don’t just mean for those times when you are all dressed up for an important or exciting event. I mean always. From delicious nightwear and cosy loungewear to sleek work outfits and fun ‘going-out’ looks.


1. Forget your rules

Instead of throwing on the nearest/easiest top and leggings tomorrow, spend a moment or two browsing in your wardrobe – as if you are in a shop. Find something different to wear and don’t let your pre-conceived ideas or self-imposed ‘rules’ about which pieces are for which areas of your life stop you. If something catches your eye and makes you smile, wear it. You deserve to wear nice things and your nice things deserve to be worn more often!


Instead of vegging out with Netflix all evening, do a bit of multi-tasking. Before you settle down, grab a towel and fill a bowl with warm soapy water and soak your feet as you watch. Then give yourself a DIY pedicure. Every time you catch your colourful toes (or if you don’t fancy colour, use a luxurious looking nude), you’ll remember that you did that lovely thing for yourself. Do your fingers too if you have the time, or save them for tomorrow.

3. Embrace your inner Goddess

Even if your outfit of the day is loungewear, spend at least a few moments doing your hair or popping on a touch of make-up. Relaxing and being comfortable does not have to equal looking a complete mess. Celebrate YOU by dressing like the goddess you are, even on a stay-at-home day. Pull out your best cashmere, pop on some earrings and your favourite perfume. Then add your comfy leggings and slippers and enjoy the new sensation of being stylishly cosy and comfy.


What else could you do to celebrate you? Share your ideas with me below.

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