One of the many things I love about this time of year, are the boot-wearing opportunities. And this autumn we are TOTALLY spoiled for choice!

It’s with great enthusiasm today, that I’ve prepared for you a snapshot of the ankle boots that are on the shelves right now. Take your pick.

This blog focusses on an ankle boot style (or I’d never get it finished), but if you’d like a blog on calf, knee and over the knee options, just yell and I’ll be all over it.

So for today, whether its stylish flats or comfy heels you need, I’ve done the research for you.

I’ve (mostly) stuck to neutral colours but I have never before seen such a wide choice of coloured footwear. From purple and green to patterned, textured and metallic, ‘Google’ your preferred colour and you’ll be amazed at the choice!

I’ve covered different price points and leather boots as well as other materials for you.

Flat Boots

Classic styles

You can’t beat a Chelsea boot if you are looking for a versatile style. This boot works for almost every occasion and works well with smart and casual looks.

I’ve had a black pair and a brown pair for years. The winter before last, I had them both re-soled. They were a great investment buy and are comfortable too.

Dune Payeton Chelsea Boot £95.00 Dune (also comes in black)

Top Shop Wide Fit Koko Unlined Flat Leather Boots £49.00

Dramatic styles

This pair are on the natural side of dramatic. They are a softer version of a traditional biker boot. Don’t rule out suede but do spray them regularly to keep them protected. If you find it difficult to find statement boots for your tiny feet, these start at a 2!

Kurt Geiger Wine Suede Biker Boots Carvela £179.00 (also come in black leather but selling out fast!)

KEM Ankle Boots £36.00 Natural (also come in black plain Polyurethane)

Mid heel boots

Classic styles

A neutral coloured, simple ankle boot looks incredibly stylish and elegant. Whether you keep your whole outfit classic with clean lines and simplicity or whether you use these as a smart element to any outfit, these will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Kurt Geiger Nude Block Heeled Ankle Boots Carvela £129.00

Top Shop WIDE FIT Elise Ankle Boots £49.00

Dramatic styles

Personally, I love a statement boot. A classic outfit with an unexpected dash of drama is one of my favourite ways of dressing. These boots deliver just that.

Top Shop BABE Ankle Boots £39.00

Kurt Geiger Sugar Leopard Print Heeled Ankle Boots Carvela £129.00

High heeled boots

Lace up boots such as these are best for those who suit the ‘girly’/dramatic style. Patent leather adds a touch of luxury to change things up.

Top Shop HARRIET Lace Up Suede Boots £85.00 (also come in lilac!).

M&S COLLECTION Stiletto Heel Side Zip Ankle Boots £45

I could go on and on, as I said, the High Street has over-provided this year. If what I’ve shared here isn’t quite what you are looking for, get searching. Your perfect pair will be out there!

If you are going to try any of these ones, let me know by commenting below. Let’s start a boots buying discussion!

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