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  saturday 17th – sunday 18th september 2022



The vast majority of us have a difficult (at best) relationship with our bodies, and the way we look. Not liking how you look, whether that’s connected to your age, size, particular features or your style, can have a hugely negative impact on your confidence. This in turn can seep into every area of life, your relationships, your career or business and your wellbeing.

Collectively, we’ve been working to support women to feel better about themselves for decades. From Harriet’s work supporting women to massively improve their relationship with themselves and their bodies and Helen’s work helping women discover the perfect style that allows their true self to shine through – we know how to support women to both look and feel fabulous.

It’s our mission to support as many women as possible to feel better and more confident about themselves. Because when we feel good in our own skin, we are able to lead a more empowered and confident life, free from self-doubt, negative self-talk and low self-esteem.

Our energy is freed up to focus on what really matters so that we can live the lives we want, and we are truly free. We walk differently. We also know we are better role models for our daughters, sisters and all the other women in our lives. 

And that’s why we’ve decided to team up together to host The Body Love & Style Retreat this September.

If you know that the way you feel about how you look is holding you back from living your fullest, bravest and happiest life, you won’t want to miss this exciting, healing and empowering weekend.

Over the course of the weekend, we’ll support you to transform how you feel about your body, and you’ll leave bursting with ideas for how to dress it, in a way that suits you and your unique personality. You’ll be standing tall, with a smile on your face and a spring in your step… and you’ll be excited to get out there, be more visible and have more fun.

If you know this is your time to make a change, we’d love to invite you to join us. Spaces are limited, so don’t delay in booking your place!



Harriet Waley-Cohen

Body Love expert Harriet Waley-Cohen will be leading Day One of the retreat, helping you to feel fabulous in your body.

Helen Reynolds

Image Consultant and Style expert Helen Reynolds will be leading Day Two of the retreat, helping you to look fabulous.




Early bird offer closes Friday 12th August, 6pm UK. 

(Accommodation and evening meals to be booked separately. Your ticket includes access to both days of the retreat, plus daytime refreshments and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.)



During the retreat, you’ll receive expert guidance, support and coaching from your retreat hosts, Harriet Waley-Cohen and Helen Reynolds. Each day will explore a different focus, helping you to firstly feel fabulous in your own skin with Harriet and then discover the secrets to looking fabulous with Helen.


Heal your relationship with your body, with Harriet Waley-Cohen

Here’s what you’ll receive from your time together:

  • Gain a deep understanding of why this isn’t actually about your body at all, so that you stop thinking your body isn’t good enough and instead shift the blame to where it really belongs. 

  • Learn why body confidence is an unhelpful myth, so that you can redefine your body-related goals in a much more empowered way. 

  • Experience powerful mindset shifts, release negative judgements related to your body and learn how to forgive yourself for how you’ve felt in the past, so that you can start afresh and create a new relationship with yourself.  

  • Find a deep connection with your body, from a place of kindness, appreciation and joy to support your new relationship to grow. 

  • Explore practical guidance for how to create and nurture a newly supportive relationship with your body, which will ripple out and positively impact how you show up in every other area of your life.

You’ll leave the first day of the retreat feeling in a completely different and positive space with your body, knowing how to have a brilliant relationship with her. You’ll feel fabulous. You’ll walk and hold yourself differently, and know what your next steps are for stepping into the most confident, happy and successful version of yourself. 

Not only that, you’ll be ready too to get the very most out of the second day of the retreat, your incredible style day with Helen, because you’ll start the second day feeling great about your body rather than anything negative. 




Early bird offer closes on Friday 12th August, 6pm UK

(Please note – accommodation and evening meals are to be booked separately. Your ticket includes access to both days of the retreat, plus daytime refreshments and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.)

here’s what to expect FROM DAY ONE:


The day will include guidance and expert advice from Harriet on how to heal your relationship with your body, and move forwards from wherever you are right now. You’ll also have the opportunity to have all your questions answered as we go through the day.


A series of practical exercises throughout the day, both as a whole group and in smaller breakout groups, to help you integrate what you learn and gain a deep sense of not being alone with this issue. Experience breakthroughs and deep realisations to take away with you when you leave.

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The day will also feature a number of guided closed eye meditations and other gentle experiences, to help you deeply heal and move forwards. We’ll also work through a releasing ceremony in the afternoon, which will be really cathartic, healing and liberating!


Throughout the day, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with each other through conversations and group sharing exercises. Form deep connections, and perhaps even life-long friendships, as you move through the rest of the weekend together.



A two day, transformational retreat hosted by Helen Reynolds and Harriet Waley-Cohen.



Early bird offer available until Friday 12th August, 6pm UK 


Learn the secrets of looking fabulous and finding your own unique style, with Helen Reynolds.

Here’s what you’ll receive from your time together:

  • Discover what true style really is and how to achieve it – I bet it’ll change your perception!

  • Understand your past style challenges and how to avoid them in the future.

  • Find out how to make sure your outfits represent the best version of you.

  • Understand how you can create a much more effective version of ‘power dressing’, that’ll make you more memorable and feel comfortable.

  • How to use clothes as a personal development tool, so you can show the world your true, brilliant self.

Through fun and interesting exercises, you’ll understand the power of wearing colours that love you back, cuts and shapes that truly flatter your beautiful body, how to identify those clothes that represent your true style – (and learn to ignore those that don’t), and how to use print, textures and accessories to add interest to your outfits and create your own style. One that you love.




Early bird offer closes on Friday 12th August, 6pm UK

(Please note – accommodation and evening meals are to be booked separately. Your ticket includes access to both days of the retreat, plus daytime refreshments and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.)

here’s what to expect FROM DAY TWO:

Its not you, its the cloth


The day will include learnings on the key elements of great style. Helen will share everything you need to take into account when you are choosing a new item of clothing and pulling together a full outfit so that you can be more discerning, specific and confident in your choices.


You’ll enjoy the opportunity to meet other fabulous women with the same aim in our fun, interactive breakout  group sessions. It’ll be like shopping with your friends but with the vital knowledge you’ve been missing!

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Helen will invite you to bring an item or two of clothing with you to the retreat. Pieces that you like, but aren’t currently wearing or feeling confident about. Once you’ve discovered your style, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s right or what could be better about these pieces and prevent future expensive mistakes. When you understand why something isn’t quite right for you, it’s much easier to let it go and make space for something better!

wardrobe and outfit know-how:

By the end of the day, you will have the confidence to take what you’ve learned and review your wardrobe through the filter of your style. You’ll benefit from this new knowledge for years and feel inspired about how you put together what you already own, making new and uplevelled combinations.


About Helen Reynolds

Hi, I’m Helen and I’m on a mission to create a world where we see and appreciate the whole of us, instead of focusing on the negative. I want you to fully receive and believe the compliments you are given and feel fabulous in your skin.

I’ve been supporting women in taking their style to the next level (without pretending to be something they’re not) for over 13 years. My clients know that their personal development is tied to their business development and that their wardrobe is the next place to focus on their growth journey. I show my clients the magical benefits of knowing what they don’t yet know about what their true style is, so that their outfits reflect the brilliance of who they are.

Before I knew about my own true style, I’d always loved clothes and shopping (sometimes a bit too much) but I could never understand why certain clothes made me look and feel amazing when others made me look odd or feel self-conscious. And I’ve experienced several ‘style wobbles’ of my own throughout my life.

After graduating from University, I embarked upon an exciting career in advertising for the top glossy magazines in Soho. Whilst I enjoyed being part of that world, I was constantly questioning my outfit choices and often felt not good enough. Imagine sharing a lift with the editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan all in one day… and then add a sprinkling of gorgeous models coming in for fashion shoots. A recipe for self-doubt, body criticism and outfit angst if ever there was one!

My next style wobble happened when I became a mum. I had no idea how to dress for my newly changed body and more casual lifestyle. It led me to seek help with my own style, and whilst I didn’t realise it at the time, it actually created more issues than it solved. What should have felt empowering just left me feeling even more confused… I had my colours done twice incorrectly and was told that the parts I celebrated about my body didn’t fit neatly into the tick boxes on the sheet. 

I knew there had to be another way! So, I decided I was going to learn how to teach about style in a way that felt real and inspiring, without tick boxes. I wanted to make it about empowerment and confidence, rather than rigid rules and guidelines and feeling ‘less than’. And I haven’t looked back since. I want my clients to wear the clothes that make them happy, or elegant, or whatever it is they want to feel. I teach the ‘rules’, then show them how to flex and bend them to work better.

I don’t see clothes as pieces of cloth, they are the packaging that shows the world the amazing woman you are. 

To anyone considering working with Helen, I’d whole heartedly say do it!! Helen has given me permission to invest in myself, understand myself and express myself through my style. You can’t put a price on that, I feel amazing!!


Thank you, Helen, for transforming clothes and style for me – it has been a game changer.


Working with Helen was just the catalyst I needed to step even more fully into showing up and shining bright. I loved the whole process of working with Helen. She’s fun, funny and has so much wisdom about what works and why – as is always the case, now that I’ve learnt the ‘rules’, I can be so much more creative. I love my new clothes and the way they fit me – and I don’t just mean shape and size-wise – Helen helped me find the ability to express myself through the art of getting dressed!


Founder, Spirited Business Ltd.


Hey there, I’m Harriet, your biggest cheerleader. 

I’m a change catalyst, empowering women to own their brilliance and shine, and creating a world where women believe in themselves and can achieve their potential. Over the past 19 years, I’ve been helping thousands of other women change the way they think, act and feel in their relationship with themselves and their bodies massively for the better.

The women I work with shift from self-doubt, overwhelm and self-sabotage to true confidence, wellbeing and success. Women leave my programs feeling in control of their lives and overall direction, confident they can handle what comes their way. They show up as powerful, respected and magnetic leaders in their careers and wider lives.

I’ve won a bunch of awards for my public speaking and for leadership in the world, and I love passing on the torch of self-belief to women like you and seeing everything change for you.

In terms of my own relationship with my body, I went to extreme measures to escape how I felt about myself in my late teens and early 20s, and came close to losing my life to addictions. After getting sober in 2002, I then went through the physical changes of having two children (and two c-sections, goodbye any hope of a flat tummy ever again!), being permanently injured in a car crash in 2016 that left me with constant pain and movement restrictions, and then went through 9 hours of surgery for breast cancer in 2018.

I truly know what it’s like to have a body that never quite looks or performs the way you’d like it to, and to have that seep horribly into other areas of life and hold you back. I used to punish myself with detox diets, fasts, strict diet rules and weighed myself every single morning to see what I was ‘allowed’ to eat and wear that day…

The wonderful news is that it really doesn’t have to be like that. I love my body more than ever now in my mid 40s, larger than ever, scars, wrinkles, limits and all. You can shift how you feel about your body. You can create a trusting, nurturing and appreciative relationship with your body, and this is a massive boost for your confidence, wellbeing and success. 

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Harriet has this wonderful ability that allows people to show their vulnerabilities and in turn be their most authentic selves. She is a wonderfully inspiring speaker who I have no hesitation in recommending. A real superwoman who empowers others wherever she goes.


Managing Director, WeAreTheCity

I feel more comfortable in my skin than ever. I know I’m worthy.



In this special weekend, we’ll bring together some of the very best parts of our individual work to help you look and feel like a brand-new version of yourself.

We’re both hugely passionate about helping as many women as possible to feel great in their own skin, and we know from experience the difference that this can make across every area of your life.

Imagine – a whole weekend to focus on YOU, and your relationship with yourself.

No more shame, or the desire to hide your body away – instead, a spring in your step, smile on your face and excitement about your newfound sense of style and confidence in your body.


  • You’ve struggled in the past with feelings of negativity, self-doubt, low self-esteem – and are ready to discover a new, positive, nurturing relationship with your body.

  • You’ve found it difficult knowing how to dress in a way that makes you look and feel great. You’re now ready to learn a different way, one that makes you shine from the inside out.

  • You’re craving dedicated time and space to work on your relationship with your body and your style, away from the busy-ness and responsibility of day-to-day life.

  • You’d like to connect with a community of like-minded women, who can hold space and support you in your transformation.  

  • You’d like to be a great ally and role model for other women and girls in your life, who may also be struggling with their body image, how they feel about themselves and the way they look. 

  • You’re ready to work with two body love experts, both with decades of experience working with women just like you, to look and feel better about themselves.

My session with Helen was exactly what I was looking for and wow, it delivered beyond my expectations. I now feel totally aligned inside and out so I can show up as my authentic self with ease. I feel empowered to rock my own unique style and online shopping is suddenly a breeze. With my own style blueprint, I know what works for me and it’s the best feeling!


After being supported by Harriet, my entire outlook and approach to life has changed entirely. My life is no longer something that I am a spectator to. I have direction, control and empowerment.



Your ticket includes access to both days of the retreat. Day one is led by Harriet Waley-Cohen and will focus on healing your relationship with your body. Day two will focus on how to look fabulous and the secrets of finding your true style, led by Helen Reynolds.

The full itinerary and exact timings will be confirmed closer to the event – please see example timings below:


9.30am – Morning refreshments and welcome

10.00am / 10.30am – Morning session with Harriet

1pm – Catered lunch together

2pm – Afternoon session with Harriet

4pm – Celebrations and next steps

5.30pm – Time for dinner and relaxation (dinner not included and to be arranged separately)

7.30pm – Optional evening workshop with Harriet 


9.30am – Morning refreshments and welcome

10.00am / 10.30am – Morning session with Helen

1pm – Catered lunch together

2pm – Afternoon session with Helen

4pm – Celebrations and next steps

5.30pm – Time for dinner and relaxation (dinner not included and to be arranged separately)




Harriet will be leading an optional, fun and light evening session after dinner on Saturday, with a glass of wine if you wish, on awakening and embracing your sensual side. 

Part of having a nurturing, supportive and loving relationship with your body is recognising and welcoming your body as a beautiful source of sensorial, sensual and sexual pleasure. Harriet will touch on this during Saturday afternoon, and in this optional evening session, she will take you on a deeper dive into exploring and integrating this part of you. This will include gaining greater clarity on your desires and exploring how to communicate them with your partner(s). It will be a lighthearted, safe and fun session – there will be no actual physical contact happening whatsoever between participants. 

Harriet is the most open and beautifully vulnerable speaker on sexuality I’ve ever heard. She talks with great openness and courage, which really helps you come to terms with your own issues in your sexual life and work through them. I have much greater confidence in embracing the true me, and in seeking wholesome, beautiful sexual experiences after listening and talking to her.




If you have another question that’s not addressed below, please email us at hello@helenreynoldsstyle.com

Where is Burley Manor Country Hotel located and how can I get there?

Burley Manor Country Spa Hotel is located in the New Forest. Their full address is 1 Ringwood Rd, Burley, Hampshire, BH24 4BS. You can view the hotel’s website here.

There is complimentary on-site car parking for all guests. This includes charging points for electric cars and designated disabled parking spaces.

If you are travelling by train, there are a number of train stations nearby, with the nearest stations being New Milton (7 miles) and Brockenhurst (9 miles). However, the hotel recommends Bournemouth as the best train station to come into if possible, with Southampton as another alternative. Whatever station you arrive into, you’ll need to take a taxi to your accommodation. 

What's included with my retreat ticket?

Your ticket includes full access to both days of the retreat, with refreshments and a catered lunch provided on both days. Lunch each day will feature a rustic board and a selection of light bites.

What's not included?

Your retreat ticket does not include accommodation or your breakfast and evening meals. Once you’ve booked your place, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes the details for you to book your accommodation at Burley Manor, and your breakfast and evening meals.

Accommodation at Burley Manor is available on a first come, first served basis – and so we recommend that you book this as soon as possible. You can view accommodation options here.

For your evening meals, you can choose to take this in the hotel restaurant or at one of the local restaurants nearby. Capacity in the restaurant is limited, and so we recommend you pre-book this. The restaurant details for pre-booking will be provided once you’ve booked your place. 

As an optional extra, you might also choose to book in for a luxury spa treatment at Burley Manor during your stay.

How do I book accommodation?

Accommodation is to be booked directly through Burley Manor’s Central Reservations team. We have secured a 10% discount for retreat participants, which will be shared with you once you have purchased your retreat ticket.

Accommodation is available on a first-come, first-served basis and so we recommend you secure this as soon as possible with Burley Manor. In the event you are not able to book a room at the hotel, we will confirm alternative accommodation options with you.

You can explore the venue, and the various accommodation options available, here

How does the bring a friend offer work?

From now until the 12th August, you can take advantage of a very special early bird offer to bring along a friend for half price. That means you can share some of the cost of your retreat ticket, and the special experience, with a friend.

You’ll be asked to confirm your friend’s name, email address and dietary requirements at point of booking, so please have these details to hand.

To take advantage of this special offer, simply select the ‘Bring a Friend for Half Price’ ticket option at checkout. If you have any questions, please email us at hello@helenreynoldsstyle.com.

I’ve never attended an event like this before and I’m not sure what to expect?

This event is designed to be a completely safe space for women to be supported and guided on their journey towards making a positive change. Both Harriet and Helen are supportive, caring women who have a great deal of experience and training in supporting women through their work, in a way that is both safe and inclusive.  

It is also an opportunity for you to connect with other women like you, who may have experienced similar things. There will be opportunities for you to share your thoughts and experiences throughout the weekend if you wish, both in the wider group and in smaller group settings.

Helen and Harriet will facilitate and guide the group in this respect and create a safe environment for open discussion. However, if you do not feel comfortable sharing, there is absolutely no requirement to do so.

How many spaces are available?

In order to deliver a safe and intimate retreat experience for our participants, there are a maximum of 40 places for this event. We expect these to fill quickly.

Final ticket sales close on Friday 2nd September 2022.

I'm vegan / vegetarian / have some special dietary requirements. Will this be catered for?

The venue are able to cater for dietary requirements. At point of booking, please confirm your special dietary requirements and we will ensure these are passed on. 

What happens if I'm not able to attend?

Due to venue restrictions, we’re not able to offer refunds for this event – however, in the event that you’re unable to attend, we will be happy for you to transfer your ticket to another person.

Is the Saturday evening workshop mandatory?

The evening workshop with Harriet on the Saturday is offered as an optional extra and is not at all mandatory to attend. It will be based on previous workshops that Harriet has led and will be a safe, informal and fun session giving you the opportunity to explore body confidence in relation to your sensuality. 

I worked with Helen when I realised that my business was up-levelling fast but my wardrobe hadn’t got the memo! I went from taking up to two hours to get ready for business events, and still not feeling confident by the time I left the house, to having a set of outfits I could quite literally “grab and go”. The investment I made to work with her has paid for itself so many times over that by this point it’s not even something I can measure any more.


Founder, Selling from the Heart

Harriet has hosted our Bookklubs on a number of occasions, more recently on Body Love and Body Confidence. Harriet’s warm and inviting personality instantly puts our members at ease, and enables them to open up to discuss their deepest insecurities. Harriet taught us a number of simple and effective tips to create body love and confidence everyday. Each session Harriet has led has been inspiring and impactful.’


Killing Kittens




Early bird offer closes Friday 12th August, 6pm UK. 

(Please note – accommodation and evening meals to be booked separately. Your retreat ticket includes access to both days of training, plus daytime refreshments and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.)


‘A space to breathe and recharge in understated luxury’

Our retreat will take place in the beautiful surrounds of Burley Manor Country Spa Hotel. Set in the tranquil, rolling countryside of the New Forest, Burley Manor combines old manor house charm with a contemporary eclectic twist.

It’s the perfect location to switch off from the outside world and take a weekend away to rest, recharge and work on yourself.

During our weekend together, we’ll enjoy sumptuous food drawing influence from the slow, relaxed pace and fresh ingredients of the Mediterranean lifestyle. And, if you choose to stay in the venue for the weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to experience its elegantly designed boutique rooms, offering a blissful night’s sleep amongst understated luxury. 




Early bird offer closes on Friday 12th August, 6pm UK

(Please note – accommodation and evening meals are to be booked separately. Your ticket includes access to both days of the retreat, plus daytime refreshments and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.)

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