What do you need in your wardrobe?

I might be a little premature with this one, but before too long we will start to see the beginnings of spring. And in my book, the changing season means it’s time to take stock of your clothes. I believe that this is a vital part of successful wardrobe management.

Now, this isn’t a BIG sort-out, so don’t worry. It shouldn’t take any real time or energy. It’s more of a reflection and an observation step.

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Shop your own wardrobe and enjoy a lie in!

These dark mornings certainly don’t make it any easier to jump out of bed with a spring in your step and crack on with your day.
Luckily, I have a few tips that will save valuable time each morning, allowing you an extra 10 mins of dozing in your cozy bed. (Or even longer depending on how long it takes you ages to get dressed…)

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The New Colour Rules

How safe are you with colour? Are you a top to toe neutrals kind of person (which is absolutely fine by the way!) or do you love to wear colour? What would I see if I looked inside your wardrobe? A sea of black, a carefully curated range of coordinating colours or a...

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Time for some self-care?

January can be a tricky month. The Christmas decs are about to come down – if they haven’t been packed away already… The shorter days and colder weather probably mean that you spend more time at home, curled up and being still and quiet. Snuggling up in comfy, casual...

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Gorgeous Going-Out Tops!

Having a great collection of mixable and matchable separates is perhaps the best way to build up a decent ‘going-out’ wardrobe. You absolutely shouldn’t need to buy something new every single time you go out for dinner. It is perfectly possible to create a wardrobe...

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Do you have an unbalanced wardrobe?

Do you have an unbalanced wardrobe? I borrowed this term from a comment made by a lovely lady in my community because I think it perfectly describes what is going on in many wardrobes up and down the country. I believe it’s the cause of many ‘I have nothing to wear’...

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Buying Guide: Coats

  In my opinion, there are three categories of coat that cover all requirements. A  warm winter coat of ¾ length (or longer), possibly woolen A casual, super warm coat (could be a parka or a puffa-style) A glam coat for special occasions (could be faux fur,...

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It’s Time For Change

Did you see the recent BBC programme,  ‘Stacey Dooley Investigates: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’? I finally caught up with this documentary a couple of weeks ago after hearing so much about it. I was left feeling totally and utterly shocked and saddened by what I learnt....

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Buying Guide: Ankle Boots

  One of the many things I love about this time of year, are the boot-wearing opportunities. And this autumn we are TOTALLY spoiled for choice! It’s with great enthusiasm today, that I’ve prepared for you a snapshot of the ankle boots that are on the shelves...

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The Cheats Way to An Organised Wardrobe, in 3 Easy Steps

You are in and out of your wardrobe many, many times a day/week. When your wardrobe is clutter free and you have a system for how things are ordered (light colours to dark/ smart wear to casual wear…or whatever works best for you), choosing what to wear each day becomes quicker and easier and somewhat more pleasurable.

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Ever found yourself stuck in a rut?

Whether it’s food shopping, daily routine, the way you exercise or the clothes you wear…it’s very easy and totally normal to find yourself stuck in a rut. For me, it's meals. I don’t love cooking, but I do it because we need to eat. In my family, we have one healthy...

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You don’t have to go quietly into Middle Age

Certain milestone ages can have a negative impact on your confidence, particularly in how you dress. The fear of getting it ‘wrong’ and dressing ‘inappropriately’ often means putting together outfits that have the effect of making you look and feel older than your...

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6 Delicious Dresses For Date Night

Interestingly, many of my clients happen to be single in their 40’s and 50’s and are either dating or feel ready to. Dressing for a date must be one of the hardest outfits to pull together if you are unsure of your style. Whether you are dressing for a date night with your man or you are going on a first, second or third date with a new(ish) man, what to wear can be a cause of unnecessary overwhelm.

So, today, I’m bringing you a selection of outfit ideas for inspiration.

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The Most Attractive Woman At The Beach Club

I’ve recently returned from a blissful few days away in Mallorca. Stepping away from your every-day life and much-loved family for ‘5 minutes’ can have a transformational effect on your mind, I find. I try to do it at least once a year.

This year (as usual) my friend and I spent a lot of time people watching. It’s one of our most favourite things to do.

Our best spot for people watching and clothes analysing was the beach club. This is where a favourite theory of mine was proven once again.

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Summer Holiday Accessory Essentials

Going away this summer? Dreading the thought of assimilating a holiday capsule wardrobe that will serve you well from breakfast ‘til cocktails? If you have the basics covered (swimwear, sandals, shorts, t-shirts, sundress and something wafty for evening)...

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When is a bargain not a bargain?

Many years ago, when I was quite new to my role as an image consultant, I was booked to do a wardrobe edit with a new client. I opened her wardrobe doors to be faced with an extraordinary number of trousers and skirts and an even larger number of tops and jackets.

This lovely lady (let’s call her Karen), had called me in because she was a prolific shopper, easily swayed by a bargain. She was totally overwhelmed by the amount of clothes she owned and professed that in-spite of the bulging rail, she had ‘nothing-to-wear.’

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Why a great outfit may not look great on YOU

I spend a fair amount of my down time reading about or watching videos from the ‘influencers’ and ‘bloggers’ in the fashion industry, as they share the way they like to shop, organise and wear their clothes. They give insights into what’s new in store, what’s in...

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