Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting my client, Kate Wolf’s gorgeous wardrobe for the third time. Since we began working together in 2019, we’ve created a fun, quirky and practical style for her. A style that feels totally ‘Kate’ and represents who she is and what she stands for in life and business.

We got together for an outfit creation session prior to a Personal Shop in a few weeks’ time. This gave us an opportunity to pull together several great outfits, using what Kate already has and spot what is missing and where our focus should be when we hit the shops.

Kate very generously gave me permission to share some of what we got up to, so today I’m hoping to inspire you to get your wardrobe working really well for you too!

Although we have worked together for a while now and Kate knows her style, she enjoys being inspired, stretching out of her comfort zone and staying up to date. The image above is how her wardrobe looks right now. It’s tidy, well organised, colour coordinated and she knows exactly what she has and where to find it.

With my guidance and using what I’ve taught her, Kate sets to work in her wardrobe at least twice a year to get ready for the coming season and it’s something I recommend that everyone takes the time to do.

This gives you an opportunity to take stock, remove pieces you no longer like, fit into or that are worn out. It also makes it easier to identify where your wardrobe gaps might be so that you can be more focussed in your shopping.


Tip 1: Spend time at least twice a year working out what you have, what needs to go and what’s missing from your wardrobe.



The brief for was to pull together some new outfit ideas, (using Kate’s existing pieces) for her training and speaking work, (both in-person and online), as well as some more casual looks for the weekend and nights out.

I asked Kate what she wasn’t getting enough use out of yet and created different outfit combinations using these pieces first. Then we looked at what she loves to wear. This helped us to work out what she might need more of. We identified that the spotty blouse which we bought together back in 2019 had been a great buy and much loved – and more patterned or interesting blouses would be a good addition to create more looks using the same outfit formula.


Tip 2: Pick a lifestyle area (such as work or social) and create as many different looks as you can that would be suitable. Experiment with pieces you aren’t getting enough wear out of, to see what works.



We decided quite early on that Kate needed new shoes for summer. She’s got flat sandals covered but a small heel for smarter work occasions appeared to be missing. All she had was a fabulous orange suede sling back. You might notice that shoe appearing in every outfit here – who knew an orange shoe could be so versatile! We have a added a navy and nude shoe to the shopping list to create more outfit options, but this shoe turned out to be a hero piece!



Tip 3: Notice which accessories or items you are using over and over and decide whether that means you need more options in other colours to create different looks. This could be a shoe, a type of top or an accessory.



Once we found a new outfit combination, we added a coat and bag and jewellery. This makes sure that Kate will never have that last minute stress of being about to leave the house and not knowing which coat to wear.

I then snapped a photo for Kate to be able to remind herself of all the outfits whenever she’s deciding what to wear. This is another way of avoiding last minute outfit stress and you can do this for yourself by dedicating some time to ‘play’ and organise your own outfits. 



Tip 4: Remember to finish your outfits with coats and bags and then snap a photo to remind you of your fabulous combinations.



So, we now have a clear shopping list, so we can be focussed when we shop together in a few weeks. However, I also have permission to show anything I spot on the rails that isn’t on the list but that screams ‘KATE’ to me. Last time that ended up being a gold jumpsuit! Perfect for Kate’s fabulously dramatic style.

Tip 5: Make a list of items you realise are missing from your wardrobe that would pull together more looks or create similar versions of outfits you love and feel great in.


I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes of a private client session. Do you feel inspired to dedicate some time to getting your wardrobe to a pleasing place? A place that supports you and your lifestyle in the way you need, so that you can feel unstoppable each and every day – and get out there and be more YOU!

If you’d like my support in helping you to transform and develop your own style, get in touch by clicking here. I have a handful of private sessions available this year. 

And a special thank you to Kate, for allowing me to share her private wardrobe session!


ABout kate and her magical work

Kate helps brilliantly sensitive women to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and start sharing the gifts that come with being Sensitive – Intuition, Empathy, Deep Care, Insight & Healing – so they can build a profitable business from the core of who they really are.

When we discussed sharing her private Wardrobe Session in this blog, I asked her to also share something my audience might love. And she offered you this brilliant guide which you can access below.

If you recognise that one of the reasons you aren’t moving forward in business in the way you’d like could be down to fear, make sure you download this guide. We all have it, a fear of rejection, or ridicule or criticism. I know I struggled with all these things when I started getting really visible. But if we let the fear slow us down, or stop us in our tracks, we don’t get to do the wonderfully transformative work.

You can access Kate’s free guide by clicking the button below.

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