The first step that most clients take when we work together on their personal style is a Transformation Day.

I know, from talking to these clients, that it can sometimes be a bit intimidating to come along, without having a really clear idea of what’s going to happen. So, today I’m bringing you behind the scenes to show you what we get up to on one of these fabulous, fun and motivating days.

First Steps

My ethos around style means that the first thing I need to do is to start by looking at how you are. I don’t mean health-wise, but, what is there about you that makes you unique. What is it about you that makes you you?  I take into account your colouring, your bone structure and your body shape (don’t worry, no nudity required!) to create a plan of action for building you the ideal wardrobe. Everyone who steps through the door, leaves with a tailored plan, just for them – there is no box ticking here. You are unique and your style blueprint will be created with you and only you in mind.

I like to do this over a coffee – or herbal tea, whatever is your preferred drink! I need to know WHO you are, your lifestyle, your concerns, what you like about yourself and what you want to get out of the process.

Then we get into the structured work.

Part 1: The Analysis

Next, it’s time to get analysing! Step 1 is all about colour. I look at your skin tone, your hair colour (the natural colour and whether it’s currently dyed) and your eyes, then I’ll use some colour drapes to discover your best and most flattering colour palette. The right set of colours will do the most AMAZING things to your complexion; they will brighten your eyes and make you look more zingy! We look at different colour combinations and I show you how to wear the colours that you love, but aren’t in your palette, in a more flattering way. (I like to keep it real – I know you’ll probably still want to wear black sometimes even if it’s not great on you – I do too!).

We then focus on hair colour, (if your current hair colour could be better, I’ll let you know how to tweak it) and we look through your make-up bag to check that what you are putting on your face is enhancing you, rather than taking something away. Using the wrong shades and tones of make-up has the same effect of wearing the wrong colours. It can make you look tired, grey and slightly off kilter. Nobody wants that.

Part 2: Your Style

During my work as an image consultant, I have come to realise that there are basic four styles of clothing. Each of us suits a different style, or combination of styles the most, and this is what makes up your unique style prescription. Very often there will be one or two that don’t suit you at all. Knowing this gives you ‘permission’ to stop buying and trying to wear particular pieces that are in fashion or that you’ve admired on a friend. It can be a real relief.

During this part of the Transformation Day we work out which of the four styles ‘loves you back’ and which are best avoided (and why). We then decide how much of each of them you can wear in one outfit. Some you’ll be able to wear from top to toe and others just as an element of your outfit, perhaps as an accessory for example.

Finally for this step, we look at how you can use this information to create great outfits for the different areas of your life, from weekends at home to fancy nights out.


Part 3: Your Body Shape

The lines that your body make determine the shape of clothes that will flatter you most. We talk about the best way to wear colour for your shape, the most flattering necklines, lengths of sleeve, top, jacket and hemlines. We look at how to draw attention towards your best bits and away from the areas that don’t love as much, to make you feel super confident. It’s fascinating to see how even the shape of your shoe or your handbag can have a big impact on the way your body looks.

It’s all optical illusion!

Part 4: Accessories and embellishment!

By now we have a clear idea of the colours that are great for your skin tone, how to wear them to flatter your figure, what your best styles are and how that translates to fabrics and detail on clothes.

The final piece is to work out your scale. This determines the size of prints that work best (although not everyone suits them – we will have covered that in our style discussion). We also use your scale to work out the best way for you to accessorise, taking size/chunkiness, colour and style into account.

Part 5: Your clothes

If you haven’t booked a wardrobe follow-up session with me, I’ll ask you to bring a small suitcase of clothes with you. We consider each piece to see how well it fits your new style rules. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you chuck everything away. If something fits some of your rules it’s probably fine to keep on wearing it (I’ll add it to a ‘replace in time’ list). If a piece doesn’t fit any of your style rules, I recommend it’s time to let it go. And those pieces that fit all the rules are usually your favourites. These are the pieces that work every time and make you feel fab. But now you understand why they make you look so fab and you have the knowledge and confidence to make choices like this time and again.

Sometimes my clients show me something that fits all their rules but they haven’t yet dared to wear it. It’s funny how as soon as they understand why that piece is TOTALLY spot on for their style, they feel empowered to wear it with confidence. It’s like being given permission!

Part 6: Lunch!

After all the excitement of mapping out a future of style with ease, we celebrate with a spot of lunch.

Part 6: The Plan

The final stages of a Transformation Day take place once you’ve left. I take your style rules and create a Style Blueprint for you, so that you have a record of everything we’ve covered. You can refer back to this month after month, year after year to keep you on track.

I then put together a Capsule Wardrobe Plan so that you know the ‘ingredients’ for your ideal wardrobe. You can use this to plan your clothes shopping over the next few months or years.

And, finally, I start a Pinterest board, just for you. I source pieces that are available right now, and add them to your personal Pinterest board. Each piece will be suited to your lifestyle, budget and of course fit with your personal style rules. You can use this as inspiration, or click through and buy the pieces I’ve chosen. You’ll discover new brands to shop from that are great for your colouring, shape and style.

More Information

If you find choosing what to wear a real headache and more stressful than you’d like, get in touch. If you are bored of your current look or you know that a style transformation is what you need to super-charge your life in 2018, I’d love to hear from you. You can book yourself in for a discovery call. On this call we can explore where you are at with your style and I’ll let you know how I can help you.

My clients tell me time and time again that when they have this vital information about themselves, shopping for clothes becomes quicker and easier, choosing what to wear every morning is more enjoyable AND when they are wearing outfits that they love (and love them back), they have a spring in their step and a smile on their faces.

To book your discovery call click here. Let’s see how this could work for you.

I’m usually fully booked for around two months at a time, so at the time of writing, I’m taking bookings for January and February 2018.



Testimonial - MarionI just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you.

I have had a few compliments recently on how I look and the glow I have – it’s with your help I have been able to pull my wardrobe together and truly express myself.

Today I had a promotion to a Director on the Board of my company and my MD commented that in the last few months I have the look and feel of a Director. I have done a lot of personal development work but I really believe you have helped me ‘look’ the part which has helped my confidence.

I also today had an American guy run up to me in Oxford Circus station and tell me how wonderful my coat is (the Hobbs teal one) and how my scarf was just beautiful (the Seasalt One from my Pinterest board). He said he had to just tell me and that he wasn’t weird or anything!! Freaked me out but a wonderful compliment! Marion Ellis


Testimonial - Candice


Currently sitting on the sofa relaxing with a glass of wine after my truly lovely day with you – I wouldn’t normally on a Wednesday but hey-ho, it seemed fitting after my day of indulgence! Thank you for your time, your expertise, your understanding, your warmth and for being so relaxed. I feel I’ve known you for years! Candice Johnson



BIG Thank Yous!

Sarah who kindly (and bravely) volunteered to be photographed throughout her session!

Sue Salamon Photography for taking wonderful photos AND being so discreet we barely noticed her being there.

Alison Harpin of The Beauty Cabin Haywards Heath for doing great make-up jobs on us, to ensure we were camera ready!


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