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Here in England, we’ve been back in full lockdown for 5 weeks (is it just me or does it feel much longer than that?!). This is the third time in a year that we’ve been asked to stay home.

In between each stay home order, we’ve had varying degrees of freedom, depending on which lockdown and where you are in the country but it’s safe to say, this last year has been pretty horrendous.

With this in mind, there really is no wonder that you are feeling a bit meh (or a lot meh).

There are a myriad reasons why, from losing loved ones, worrying about losing loved ones, not being able to visit those we love or perhaps being ill yourself and taking a long time to get back to full health.


All of these things are out of your control but there is something you CAN do to feel better, if you choose.

I wonder:

Have you lost the desire to make yourself look and feel really nice?

I don’t just mean the difference between getting dressed and not bothering.

Or wearing your comfies VS wearing jeans and a top.

I mean that difference between getting ready for the day, so that you look vaguely presentable, and taking time and care over getting dressed so that you feel like your old (best) self again.

Remember those days of taking time in the shower, doing your hair nicely, putting on more than a lick of make-up? Choosing which perfume feels right for the day. Admiring yourself in the mirror and enjoying a compliment, whether from someone you live with or someone you see through a screen.


This is within your control

There’s NO doubt that when you make even a bit more effort with your appearance, it affects how you feel inside. Think about those makeover shows that are so popular. When the person has their new look revealed to themselves, they are often speechless. It takes them a moment to catch up with the fact that the reflection they see is indeed them.

We don’t need to go as far as a new haircut (unless you trust anyone in your bubble with the scissors?!), a full dental upgrade, eye lash extensions and vigorous face peels, but taking some care over your appearance pays dividends when it comes to that all-important feel-good factor.


It’s ok to want to look good

I know you know this already – but I wonder if you needed reminding?

My message to you today is to take a little more time and a little more care when you get dressed tomorrow. Pick something else to wear other than the clothes you are wearing on repeat, spray some of your favourite scent, pop on some lipstick, or even lip balm.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, different things work for different people, but do it to help YOU to feel good.


Coming Soon

If you enjoyed this blog, you’re going to LOVE what I’ve got coming up.

Later this month, I’m running my very first Wardrobe ReBoot Challenge. It’s free to get involved and I’ll be guiding you through a simple process over 5 days to revamp your wardrobe and feel confident again.

I’d love you to join me – click below to register:  

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