My interest in clothes began when I was a young girl. I LOVED clothes but I didn’t always feel good in what I wore. (I didn’t understand the concept of clothes loving you back in those days.)


Over the years I developed an interest in how different clothes made different people look. I realised that you don’t need to be a gorgeous, model-like woman to look amazing and interestingly, a very pretty woman could look fairly average in certain outfits.


I was never very confident about the way I looked but my obsession with clothes and shopping meant that I didn’t do too bad a job of finding my way. It was when I left my corporate career in glossy magazines to start a family that I completely lost my way.



Once I came out of my baby bubble (and maternity clothes), I realised that I had absolutely no idea of what to wear. I was no longer getting dressed up for work, my body had changed. I’d spent 5 years in and out of maternity clothes and I hadn’t thought about fashion for years. I realised I’d started to feel invisible.



When I discovered that image consultancy was a ‘thing’ and that I could get some help, I was all over it. Learning about what my personal style could be. The more I found out about this world, the more I knew this was the job for me.


The big turning point in my life was working with my image consultancy trainer, learning how to work with women on their style. She taught me a unique formula for getting incredible results.

As part of the training, I got to sit in the chair of a client. I was analysed in the way I now work with my clients. What I learnt about myself in those weeks was life-changing. It was SO much more than I ever expected. I felt like I was given permission to wear the more exciting styles that I’d admired from afar but never had the confidence to try.


For the first time in my life I felt 100% confident in making shopping decisions and creating outfits that I loved (and crucially that loved me back). I felt visible again and was very happy to be.



Being able to do this work with the amazing women that trust me with their personal style is a privilege. Although the transformation is created using clothes, the real reason I do this work is the inner change I see. Watching my clients grow in confidence and love what they see reflected in a mirror is utterly wonderful and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to inspire women in this way.



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