the problem with women and style

*Women over 40 shouldn’t wear short skirts.

*Women over 50 shouldn’t wear jeans.

*Women with wobbly tummies should wear loose fitting clothes.

*Woman over 40 should cut their hair shorter.

*Big bums are in.

*Big boobs are out.

*This summer everyone should wear a full shouldered, lacy, prairie style dress.

*Lilac is the colour of the season, you should buy it and wear it.

*Women should wear lipstick if they want to look polished.

*Oh and everyone suits this shade of lipstick.

*Contour your face to give yourself cheekbones and slim down your nose.

*Gold jewellery is the one right now.

*Cover your grey.

*Wear your trousers high-waisted.

*Oh and Carry a micro bag – no matter that you can’t fit your keys, phone and purse inside. It’ll look great.


Some people read this or hear this and believe it. NO wonder they don’t look good enough to get a boyfriend, keep their husband, be happy.

They just need to buy all the things and stay up to date with all the trends. And cover up all the wrinkled and sun-damaged skin and fake tan the rest. And cover up all the wobbly bits and then everything will fall into place.

And if they don’t…

Well then there’s no wonder they look and feel tired and old and crappy.

If I could change one thing in the world, it’d be to make every woman feel good enough. In fact more than good enough. I want every woman to feel beautiful.


Because that’s the only truth. We are all so beautifully different. We should wear what the hell we like and not care what anyone else thinks.

But most of us won’t do that because we are too scared of judgement. So we try to squeeze ourselves into what is generally accepted as ok.

And that’s when women can start to feel lost. Hidden behind shapeless, black clothes.

Don’t stand out, don’t draw attention. Be quiet. Don’t make a fuss.

The truth is, we are all beautifully different.

Discover the colour palette that brings a sparkle to your eyes.
Empower yourself around your own beautiful colour palette so that you can be confident in your choices. Play with combining colours that make you happy.

It’s such a joy.

Deliberately choosing to wear a soft palette of neutrals, or a bold combination of brights or picking out one colour that speaks to you and using it consciously to make a statement. It’s YOUR choice.

Who decided we all want to look like each other anyway?


If your hips are super curvy, it’s because of your teeny waist. If you go in, you come out again.
Embrace both. Please. It’s a beautiful shape.

If your waist seems thick, it’s because your hips are slim. It’s the way you were made.

Learn how to choose clothes that make you feel gorgeous. Ditch the waist belts and fitted shapes and try a top or jacket that gently hits your slim hips and thighs.

And see yourself, totally gorgeous. Just the way you are.

Don’t fancy prancing around in a maxi prairie dress? Leave that for someone who does.

Your style is your style. Discover it and enjoy it.

Being able to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to particular colours, styles, cuts, fabrics and prints one of the most empowering and kind things you can do for yourself.

Because when you look like you, the real you, then you don’t want to hide away, you want to get out there, live your life and BE MORE YOU.

Stop the ‘shoulding ‘and find your style. The one that works for the way you are.

Every season, every age and always.

Get in touch today and find out how I can help you.


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