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Are you concerned about the way your midriff looks?

Do you constantly worry that your stomach looks flabby?

If you do then you are definitely not alone!

In fact, many thousands of British women worry about the way their stomach looks and struggle with insecurities about it. Perhaps it should be no surprise then that the number of tummy tuck procedures is on the rise in the UK and as many as 3,000 such surgeries were carried out nationwide during 2011 alone.

Women with many different body types can struggle with carrying weight on their tummies but the issue is especially troubling for those of us with an ‘apple’ shaped figure. Women with this figure type tend to carry excess weight around their torsos and they have relatively slim hips that seem to accentuate this excess.

Resorting to having tummy tuck surgery is an extreme step and one not to be taken lightly given the potential dangers involved. Thankfully, there are many other ways to conceal excess weight around your midriff and to use simple styling techniques that flatter your figure.

So here are my 5 steps for feeling better about your tummy:

Step 1 – Let your hemlines help out

The eye is naturally drawn to hemlines. If the hemline of your top sits across the widest part of your belly, not only will the eye be drawn there, but it will appear larger. Try a slightly longer length top, one that softly covers your tum and that draws attention to your slender hips.

Step 2 – Accessorise

Distraction works brilliantly for disguising tummies so it can really help if you accessorise well, whatever outfit you’re wearing. A pretty necklace, an embellished neckline or beautiful earrings will all draw the eye upwards and away from your tummy.

Step 3 – Pick the right patterns

Wearing patterns will confuse the eye and can be an effective way of disguising  areas you’d rather not draw attention to, but it is vital that you wear the right kind for you.

As a general rule, however, if your tummy is large then you might be best in a medium to large pattern. A smaller print will make your tum look bigger so if you’re worried about it then you should have in mind that bigger patterns can be more forgiving.


I can’t emphasise this enough! If you’re worried about the way your belly looks and you know you have some excess flab around your midriff then avoid a neatly tucked top into your waistband. Doing so is a sure fire way to accentuate any bulges you have and there is always a more flattering way to dress and style yourself. These days a better way to tuck is the ‘french tuck’ or ‘half-tuck’. This involves tucking in a small amount of fabric at the front and letting the rest hang out. It takes some practice but can work well. Otherwise, choose tops that have a finished hemline and are designed to be worn un-tucked.

Step 5 – Beware of belts and belt hoops

Belts and belt hoops are your worst enemy. Your tummy is already carrying extra volume. If your waistband has belt hoops around it and you wear a belt, you are adding a whole load more volume.

Your most flattering waistband is one that is flat fronted with a side or back zip. This creates a lovely smooth line for your top to sit over. Consider snipping off your belt hoops to reduce the appearance of volume around your waistband.

I’d love to hear from you if you find these steps helpful, or if you have any tips of your own on the subject! 
Do leave me a comment!

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