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When times are tough it’s easy to give up and indulge in pastimes that feel like quick wins but end up making you feel pretty dreadful. I’m all for a glass of wine (or two) by the fire on a cold, dark winter’s evening but they say it’s all about balance, so here are my fave ways to relax, calm my busy mind and look after myself when times are tough.

1. A Sleep Meditation

For when you find it difficult to get to sleep because your thoughts are racing.

I stumbled across this sleep meditation on Trinny’s YouTube Channel. If you are surprised to see the words ‘meditation’ and ‘Trinny’ in the same sentence, don’t worry. The meditation is actually led by a guy called Sanjai. His voice is incredibly calming. It helps you to ‘shed’ the day to clear your mind. Forward to 4 mins 30 if you want to skip the preamble. This mediation has worked for me every single time – except for the time I was sleeping in a tent in my friend’s garden in a thunderstorm. I’m never-camping-again.


Wonderful yoga movement to avoid aches and pains and to increase your strength.

Around twenty years ago I worked in glossy magazines with the brilliant Tania of Tania Brown Yoga. I discovered her online yoga classes during the last lockdown and got into a routine of moving my body most days. Tania shares short, targeted classes as well as longer ones that work your whole body. I’m determined to get back to regular stretching and support my mind and my body through the next few weeks.

3. Lavish Hand Cream

Give your hands some love and attention and support a small UK business.

I shared this simply gorgeous hand cream by Taylor Made Therapies not that long ago but it’s worth another mention. I’ve had a pot of Lavish Hand Cream on my desk for several weeks now and I use throughout the day. It contains no nasties, the essential oil blend can reduce anxiety and it contains frankincense which boosts the immune system.  And the smell is incredible.

4. A Side-Splitting TV series.

Have you discovered Schitt’s Creek on Netflix yet?

This brilliant series might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s one of the few tv shows that makes me laugh out loud several times each episode. If you are going to give it a go, get through the first two. We almost gave up after the first. By the third, we were firmly committed and are now watching several a night – which is easy to do because there are 80 short episodes over 6 series. Laughter is so good for the soul.

5. A Healthy, Delicious and Quick-To-Make Snack

I know that many people can’t help but snack their way through lockdown. Try these easy to make no-bake energy bites.

Here’s the link, the vanilla almond ones are a favourite in this house. Keep them in the fridge – they are so much nicer cold.


I hope that at least one of these ideas will bring some comfort or joy to your time in lockdown.

Please share your ideas in the comments and together we can get through these next few weeks with more ease.

Sending you love,

Helen x

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