Top 5 Style Mistakes Not to Make This Summer



5 Top Style Mistakes To Avoid This Summer 

Now that summer has finally arrived, this is your reminder not to lose your head (or your sense of style) because of the change in temperature.

I know that for many women, dressing in summertime feels more difficult. Wanting or needing to look smart in fewer layers can feel tricky. Wearing lighter colours and thinner fabrics can throw up all sorts of unnecessary body worry issues and don’t even get me started on the footwear issue.

In this blog, I’ve explored the top 5 style mistakes I see in summertime and how to avoid them.

1. Completely changing your style for summer

Just because the shops (and Instagrammers) are full of floral, tiered dresses, it doesn’t mean they are the right option for you.

If your style for the rest of the year is classic with clean lines and structure, throwing on this season’s must-have floaty maxi dress is never going to look or feel right. The number of woman I see when I’m out and about looking entirely uncomfortable in a strappy sun dress on a hot day is testimony to this belief that summer style means one thing only. 

Through my work as a Personal Style Consultant I empower women to understand their own true style and then make it work for all areas of their lives – and all weathers. If you are guilty of changing your style for every event and occasion (and weather), you’ll probably have a wardrobe of clothes that looks like it could belong to several different women. Your style is your style. Be more you this summer and if floral, puff sleeved floaty dresses don’t float your boat, stay well away!

2. Wearing the wrong fabrics

Breathable fabrics are a must in a heatwave unless you are as cool as a cucumber with an internal fridge. If, like many of my clients, you have an inner furnace that flares up without warning throughout the day, you need to pay close attention to the fabrics you choose. For me, polyester is an absolute no-no in summertime (in fact all year round if I’m honest). Heat gets trapped between the fabric and your skin and it has nowhere to go. Even just typing that is making me feel claustrophobic! Choose linens (if you can deal with the creasing – those with a ‘natural’ style wear it well), cottons and some of the newer sustainable fabrics such as Ecovero and Lyocell are lovely and breathable and will keep you comfortable all day.

3. Not having the right layers

Aside from heatwaves, British summers can be quite unpredictable with vast temperature differences from morning until evening. If you are up and out of the house early, you’ll likely need a layer. Come lunchtime you probably won’t and by evening you’ll want to layer up again.

The key to successful layering is having lightweight pieces that can easily be packed into your bag or carried without too much effort.

One of the most often missing pieces from a clothing collection is a lightweight summer coat or jacket. This could be a blazer to give a tailored feel, a denim jacket for a more casual look or a lightweight cotton or linen option which can be super versatile. Check in with what you already own (that’s buried deep inside your wardrobe) or make a note to seek out one that’ll work for your most worn outfits.

4. Embracing the pastels

Unless you’ve had a colour analysis and know that pastels light up your complexion, you may want to really notice how well they work for you. For many these soft, cool tones completely wash you out. Hold a piece of clothing next to your face in good lighting (ideally make-up and fake tan free) to get a sense of whether pastels are your friend. If your most flattering tones are deep strong colours or warm or bright ones, step away from the pastels unless you want to keep being asked if you are unwell/tired.

5. Forgetting the SPF – burnt bits are not stylish!

I feel the need to issue this reminder every season but please wear your SPF and reapply it throughout the day. Make-up with SPF added applied at 7am will not still be working effectively by lunchtime. We are so sun-starved here in the UK that when we catch a glimpse of it we throw caution to the wind and imagine if we just spend a couple of hours outside we’ll catch a quick tan and feel all the better for the Vitamin D hit. In reality you are likely to burn and be trying to cover up your red bits for the rest of the week. Aside from the dangers of skin damage, being burnt is absolutely not a style statement. Wear your SPF and take things slowly!

I hope that was helpful – which mistake are you going to remedy? What else do you find tricky in the summer. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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