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Happy New Year!! It’s the start of a brand new year, and I wonder if you’ve been thinking about how you might like the months ahead to unfold for you.

Whilst there’s lots of messages around right now about making big changes, you might not necessarily be feeling at your most motivated. The cold dark days of January and the change in pace after a busy December can leave us feeling depleted and low in energy. I tend to think that January is the perfect time for making plans and setting intentions, even if it’s not yet the best time to implement them!

So crack out that notebook and start thinking about how you’d like 2023 to feel! And by way of inspiration, in this week’s blog, I’m sharing my top five reasons why 2023 is the perfect year to up-level your personal style: 

1. it’s better for the planet. when you know what suits you (and what doesn’t), you’ll buy less and Wear each piece more

How often have you added pieces to your wardrobe that felt like a good idea in the shop but once you get them home, you wonder what on earth you were thinking? But returning them is such a hassle, so you shove them into the wardrobe and try to tell yourself that they might come in handy one day. The reality is that every time your eyes fall on those pieces, you feel guilty. Not just at the wasted money but also the reminder that you do this too often. No matter how much you try to be more sustainable and simplify, you fall down at the sight of a pretty top. And then you just go and do it again, because you still don’t have the right thing to wear. Sometimes this is a pattern that goes on for years and years and years…

In my book, true sustainability is only bringing in new (to you) pieces that you love, that suit you and that you know you will wear to death. Ideally they’d be pre-loved or from a 100% sustainable brand, but regardless of where they are from (with the exception of cheap brands with damaging production methods and horrific working conditions), if you are buying good quality pieces that will withstand the wearing and laundering and are worn often, you are doing well.

When you know the colours, cuts, fabrics and styles that suit you best, you can buy new pieces with more confidence and wear them for years.

Top tip to get started: Before you bring anything new (to you) into your wardrobe, ask yourself exactly where, when and how you’ll wear it.


2. you’ll look (and therefore feel) fabulous. You’ll know how to dress well, whether you are getting glammed up for a party, smartened up for a work event, or SPENDING TIME with family or friends at the weekend

Your true style is personal to you. You are unique, and learning what your unique way of dressing is, is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. And this isn’t because you’ll look fab (although of course you will!), it’s because you’ll feel amazing. Like you, but an up-levelled, more self-assured you.

And when you feel amazing, you hold yourself differently. You exude energy and you become a magnet to attract the right people into your life and business.

When you have style confidence, you feel unstoppable and you live a bigger, bolder, more exciting life.

Top tip to get started: Think about your favourite outfit ever, whether it’s something you own now or that you’ve owned in the past. What was it like? It might be the colour, the style or the cut that is true to your style and something to replicate.


3. you’ll spend less time deciding what to wear. Freeing up more time for getting on with your life!

How often are you late for an event because you couldn’t settle on an outfit?! Piles of clothes littered around your bedroom and stress levels rising. This is not the best way to start your day. When your wardrobe contains only those items that form a key part of your outfits and you know your ‘outfit formulas’, pulling together an outfit for daytime or a special event becomes quick and easy and you leave the house on time feeling fabulous. Imagine that!

Be more efficient and get dressed in no time in one of your fabulous outfits.

Top tip to get started: Watch out for the registration for my free Wardrobe Reboot Experience, which opens next week! This week’s worth of activity will get your wardrobe into shape and leave you feeling ready to uplevel whether on your own or with me by your side. Fewer clothes almost always results in more to wear!


4. finding items of clothing you love in the shops or online will be quicker and easier. and you’ll be able to confidently say ‘no’ to beautiful pieces that don’t suit you

Need a new pair of work trousers? Or a couple of tops for spring/summer? Imagine being able to walk into a shop or scan a web page and confidently dismiss most of what you see. Then, you spot your power colour and find it has the right neckline, is the right length and cut and hey presto, this is your top of dreams. I promise you this is possible! You’ll learn the brands that tend to use your most flattering colours, shapes and style.

Discover where to shop for your style and stop wasting money on pieces you’ll never wear.

Top tip to get started: Have a look and see where your favourite clothes are from. These are the first brands to revisit, as it’s likely that their clothes are designed for people with your shape and style.


5. Your purse will thank you.  it feels so good to know you aren’t wasting money anymore

My clients are happy to spend a bit more to get good quality pieces because they know they will wear and love them for years. And they learn how to mix and match their outfits to make everything work as hard as it can. And this means you actually don’t need quite so many clothes! So instead of wasting money on loads of different pieces of clothing and allowing them to languish in the wardrobe gathering dust, you get a whole wardrobe of beautiful clothes that you cherish and love to wear. 

Shed that guilt and learn how to be more discerning!

Top tip to get started: Have a play with what you already own. How else could you wear each piece? Don’t get stuck in a rut with always wearing the same things together.



So there we are! Have I persuaded you to take some positive action this year? Follow these top tips and see where it leads you – it could be somewhere really quite exciting!

And, keep an eye on your inbox for some very exciting news coming soon… The Wardrobe Reboot Experience is returning to help you up-level your style, your wardrobe and your confidence for 2023! 

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