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There are 4 key elements of style. I liken them to a puzzle. Each separate piece is important in its own right but when you bring the pieces together to create a full outfit, you’ll either have an outfit that ‘flows’ and that makes you feel great or one that jars, or feels wrong in some way (but you can’t put your finger on why).

And because we are all so beautifully different, we suit different things and the combination of these key elements that works best for each of us is wonderfully unique. This, my friends, is why shopping for clothes and getting dressed into outfits that feel good can be a headache.

Knowing what your unique combination is can be incredibly empowering. It stops the guesswork, prevents you from wasting time and money buying things that you love on the hanger but that just don’t feel right when you put them on. But more than that, it unlocks so much possibility and ease.

When you have your style nailed, you can decide on a selection of outfit formulas that work for you every time. This makes getting dressed for any occasion a doddle. And then when you are out and about, you feel like a super-charged version of yourself. I call it feeling ‘bouncy’. That feeling when you literally bounce down the road, head held high with a smile behind your eyes and feeling unstoppable.

Are you ready to get started?



  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Style
  • Scale

In this blog I’m covering colour for you. Next week I’ll move on to the other elements so that very soon, you’ll have a picture of what your own style ‘up level’ could involve and you can start trying some new ideas.



There will be certain shades and tones of colour that reflect beautifully on your skin – making you look healthy, vibrant and glowy. There’ll also be ones that wash you out, make you look tired and ill. But how do you know which are which?

Your skin, hair and eye colour hold the clues. As a trained Image Consultant, I can see clues in the way you are, to work out which palette of colours will suit you best, (I’ll explain the palettes shortly).

There will be certain neutrals that are your best – some suit black and pure white, others creams and browns and others something else entirely.

And of course, you might enjoy wearing colour – everyone can wear almost every colour but by getting the right tone, you’ll be giving yourself that wonderful glow.

<<If you are a Facebook user, watch my video on colour to accompany this blog post by clicking here.




Spring – Warm, bright and light (think peacock feathers, daffodils and red geranium)
Summer – Cool, soft and light (think pretty summer meadow flowers)
Autumn – Warm, soft and deep (the English countryside in October)
Winter – Cool, bright and deep (primary colours and jewel tones)


One of these palettes will suit you better than any other. Knowing this for your self means you can start to build up a collection of clothes that are really easy peasy to mix and match. Each piece goes with every other piece and goes with you too!

I don’t believe in dogmatically following colour rules (where’s the fun in that – my clients tend to be rebellious!). If you love a colour and it’s not strictly speaking one of your colours – there are ways of adding it into your outfit without ruining things. This is all learnable.

So, that’s the first element of style. Beautiful colour.

I share more about this in my free video series 5 Easy Style Tips to look your most fabulous self. You can access that here. This is where I break down the exact steps I take my clients through within my programs.

Watch out for part 2 of this ‘Back to Basics’ series where I’ll move on to the other elements of style for you.

In the meantime, enjoy experimenting and leave me a comment to let me know how you get on!



Helen x

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