3 Spring Trends You Can Actually Wear

Update your style this season with my top tips for wearing the new trends.

Yay! It’s officially springtime and I’m finally ready to start looking at (and talking about) the new season stock that has arrived in our high street stores.

Now, I’m not a dedicated follower of fashion. I’m far too canny for that, BUT I do like to feel up-to-date and always keep my eyes peeled for new trends that are actually wearable for the over 40s.

So, today I’m bringing you three new trends for spring 2016 that are actually wearable – as long as you follow my advice…

1. The trend: The Slip Dress. (This is exactly how it sounds – underwear as outwear!)

Wearbility trick: Take the feel of a slip dress: soft, satin and lacy and look for those qualities in a top rather than a flimsy dress that looks like your underwear. Look for soft colours, lace trimmings and soft fabrics.

3 spring trends 1

An alternative option is to wear the trend in a more substantial dress. Look for one with sleeves and a longer length to avoid a slightly embarrassing ‘just nipped out for some milk in my negligée’ misinterpretation.

3 Spring Trends You Can Actually Wear

OR, if your figure allows it, try the slip dress but in a bold colour to give it some strenth. Add a blazer over for a dramatic and pulled together feel (and to avoid freezing your cockles off).

3 spring trends you can actually wear

Top tip: Avoid this look completely if you don’t suit girly styles – its NOT for everyone. To work out your best clothing styles click here.

2. The trend: Ruffles.

The catwalk showed 6ft-something, waif-like girls strutting their stuff in head to toe ‘ruffle’. Most of us would look like Mrs Bucket’s toilet roll cover in this trend. However, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of ruffle detail to inject some joie de vivre into your wardrobe.

Wearability trick: This trend will work best for you if you suit at least a bit of drama in your clothing style. To work out your best clothing styles click here.

3 spring trends you can actually wear

This top shape suits straighter figure types best. To find out your figure type check out this post.
This shorter length top with a peplum frill works best on slim hourglass figure types.

3 spring trends you can actually wear

Top tip: It’s not advisable to wear ruffles on your bigger parts. If you are busty, a ruffle will double the size of your boobs and draw attention there. If you have a large tummy, don’t cover it with a ruffle. Far from disguising your tum, the ruffle attracts attention.

3. The Trend: The rucksack.

This trend continues to be big for 2016. Far from the scruffy canvas rucksacks you might remember from your school days, these are smart and chic.

I’m definitely adding one of these to my bag collection this season. It’s great to be hands-free when you are shopping (which I do a fair amount of) and I think I’ve read that it’s far better for your back to distribute the load across your shoulders rather than having a heavy shoulder bag dragging down one side of your body. Any back specialists out there can confirm this for me? Please comment!

Wearability trick: Personally I don’t like a rucksack with a blazer or a suit. Save it for casual days.

3 spring trends you can actually wear


3 spring trends you can actually wear

Top tip: A lighter colour has a spring-like feel. Ditch the black until autumn!

If you‘ve enjoyed this post please leave me a comment – which trend are you buying into this season? And please share this post with your friends using the social media buttons below.

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