10 things i would never say!

Whether you are a magazine reader or you like to follow style and beauty tips online, I bet you’ve read some of the potentially damaging ‘tips’ that I’m disputing in today’s blog. 

Sometimes we pick up these kind of beliefs from articles, other times it’s well-meaning advice from your parents, siblings or friends. The problem with all of these ‘myths’ is that if you believe that a particular item of clothing or piece of make-up ‘should’ suit you, but it doesn’t, it can make you feel terrible about yourself. You might start to wonder if there is something wrong with the way you are. Or you waste a ton of money trying and failing to find your style. 

Underneath each of the statements below, I’ve shared some more positive and realistic ideas for you. I care deeply about how you dress because when you dress in a way that feels good, you not only look good but you feel ready to BE MORE YOU!


1.this lipstick shade suits everyone.
Whenever you see this, please know it’s not true. This a ploy to sell more lipsticks. Look around you. We all look so beautifully different. Your best lipstick will be the one that sits well with your natural colouring, whether cool or warm, bright or muted or deep or light.


2. Now that wider leg jeans are in fashion, ditch your skinnies.
Please don’t pay too much attention to fashion, unless it’s your passion. Fashion is wasteful and expensive. It’s much better to be up-to-date and stylish, rather than following trends.


3. learn your colours and stick to them.
Discovering your colour palette is empowering in so many ways. I show my clients how to spot their best colours and how to combine them in a way that works for their style as well as for their body shape. Then I teach them how to break their colour rules. It is possible to wear ‘wrong’ colours without compromising your look. Life is too short!


4. create a waist by wearing a belt.
If you don’t have a waist, you don’t need to create one. In fact, in trying to do so, you are in danger of looking (and feeling) like a sack of spuds. Trust your judgement. If it feels good, do it. If not, leave waist belts for those with a smaller waist and curvy hips. Instead, focus on your slimmer hips and great legs!


5. once you hit 50, you shouldn’t get your legs out.
Get whichever parts of your body out whenever you like, whatever your age. All I care about is that you feel fabulous!


6. cover your grey hair to look YOUNGER.
If your greys upset you – cover them. But first, check in with whether you are doing it because you want to or because you think you should. If you have winter colouring, you might just find your salt and pepper hair rather glamorous!


7. wearing make-up is essential if you want to look smart.
Your clothing style determines how much make-up suits you. For example, if you are a ‘classic’, you’ll always want to wear a small amount of well-applied make-up. If you are ‘dramatic’ you might enjoy using make-up for making a statement. If you are a ‘natural’ however, you’ll hate the feel of make-up on your face and you’ll probably look better without it too!


8. high waisted trousers are the most flattering look.
Not if you are short waisted with big boobs! They can be a disaster… another reason to take trends with a pinch of salt.


9. this is the dress of the season.
Don’t worry about what fashion dictates. There are solid reasons why certain shapes and style (and colours and print and fabrics…) look great on you, when others don’t. It’s never because there is anything wrong with the way you are. Find your style and stick to that and you’ll find your own dress of the season. And wear it year after year!


10. if in doubt, invest in a fabulous dress and you’ll look a million dollars.
It’s not how much you spend on an item, it’s how well it suits you. Take into account the colour, print, texture, cut and style. Not the price tag. A designer dress does not guarantee a gorgeous outfit. If it doesn’t love you back, it’s not your show-stopper dress.


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Here, I share a story from my past when I questioned my own style at a party where a bitchy comment resulted in some deep thinking for me and potentially was one of the many reasons that I’d end up doing this work.

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